Talking Notes from September Meeting 2015 - Homeschool

HomeSchooling for High School Talking Points
Start with a 4 year Course Plan – I based mine on the Recommended HighSchool Graduation Plan from the TEA or Texas
Education Agency because my son intended to get a 4yr college degree . (TEA Public HS Grad Req) attached
Put Together a Binder or Folder for High School Records (Home Schools in Texas are not required to keep records) , but
they are necessary for entrance to college. Even if your child does not plan to attend college, --plans change and by the
time their senior year rolls around you wont remember what they studied and it will be difficult to recreate after the fact!
Records will also be useful for future jobs or entrance to the military.
Keep Records
Put Together a Binder or Folder for High School Records and Include:
Courses Taken – include Course Name, Title of Book/s, Grade
Other Report Cards – ABEKA, SOS (Switched On Schoolhouse), HomeRun Ministries CoOp, etc.
Transcripts from Community College Courses taken during High School – Dual Credits
Any Test Scores from Stanford Achievement Test (HomeRun Ministries offers in Spring), IOWA Test of Basic Skills
(Patty Johnson offers) PSAT - SAT – ACT
We are not required in Texas to test, But I find it helpful to keep track of progress, to give familiarity with testing
and to find any holes I may have in my curriculum.
Extracurricular Activities
Sports, Music, Theatre
Volunteer Work – Community Service
CHATA, Scouts, Civil Air Patrol
Any Employment Experience
TRANSCRIPTS – include:
Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Birth Date and Parent’s Name
School Year, Grade Level, Courses Taken, Credits Earned and Final Grades
Grading Scale
Grade Point Average & Cumulative GPA – I based mine on what the college he wanted to attend used
Date of High School Graduation
Signature of Parent
Helpful Websites
HSLDA – Home School Legal Defense Association –
THSC – Texas HomeSchool Coalition –
LoneStar College - for information on dual credits (11th and 12th grade)
CollegeBoard- register for SAT, find practice tests for PSAT (10th & 11th grade)
Texas College Applications - Preview what is required on the current application to see what
records you may want to keep!
FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid- to apply for Financial Aid and Loans for College