Law Reform and Technology practice essay task

Year 11 Legal Studies
Law Reform and Technology
Extended response task:
‘Assess the role of law reform in addressing
emerging technological issues and enforcing rights
with reference to ONE example’
 identify the conditions that lead to law reform in
o new technology
o new concepts of justice
o changing society values and ethics
 examine the agencies of technological law
reform and the mechanisms for this reform
o common law/courts
o law reform commissions
o statute law/parliament
o media
o non-government organisations (NGOs) and
pressure groups
o international law
 assess the effectiveness of law reform in
technology in achieving just outcomes
 – resource efficiency
– accessibility
– enforceability
– responsiveness
– protection of individual rights
– meeting society’s needs
– application of the rule of law
– has justice been achieved?
Use the example to show each section (ie
conditions/agencies of reform). To assess
effectiveness, need to show how law reform in
regard to the example has address each issue
above via positives and negatives … need
evidence to support your positive/negative and
overall judgement eg court case/media reports/
international reviews and studies/ statistics, etc….
need an overall conclusion based on the evidence