A little game of ART and ETHICS where the object

A little game of
ART and ETHICS where
the object of the game is to make money $$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!
……… and not go to gaol
………and it’s all true ……….. more or less.
It was such a great idea! Everybody comes out richer,
nobody lies and nobody breaks the law
It’s LEGAL ……….. decent and honest.
Here are your characters in 1970:
Elmyr, a good but unsuccessful artist settled on the Spanish
island of Ibiza. Hungarian by birth.
Clifford, an American writer and occasional businessman.
The Curator of the richest Modern Art museum in the world,
The Museum of Modern Art on 5th Avenue, New York City;
MOMA to her friends. MOMA is looked after by the
directors and their Curator is a world-renowned Modern Art
expert and expert on his friend Picasso.
Pablo Picasso, (1881 – 1973), most famous of 20th century
artists whose pictures, in 1970, were reaching over $1,000,000
at auction. In 1973 prices rose sharply!
Rules of the Game: Elmyr can talk to Clifford only. Clifford
can talk to Elmyr and Curator . Curator can talk to
Clifford…. and Pablo but not Elmyr. Actually, Pablo doesn’t
talk much anymore.
Start: Clifford visits his new friend Elmyr in his studio and
notices some interesting paintings ……..