Design for Wellbeing Clifford A. Cooper Abstract:

Design for Wellbeing
Clifford A. Cooper
Considerable progress has been made over the past thirty years toward a more complete understanding
of design and construction requirements for "healthy" buildings. It is widely accepted today that the
indoor environment is central to our health and well being simply because we spend so much time
there. Scientific reports have been widely published by USEPA and other groups showing concentrations
of most pollutants are higher indoors, often as much as ten or more times higher than in outdoor air. It
may be surprising to many that this data also shows that we are 1000 times more likely to inhale a
chemical molecule if it is emitted indoors rather than outdoors.
Healthy buildings by definition provide healthy indoor environments for their human occupants. But
how do we define what a healthy indoor environment is, and how it is measured? Join is for this
interesting and informative presentation to learn the answer.
Clifford A. Cooper
Clifford A. Cooper, MS, CIH, is a Senior Industrial Hygienist with Vertex Companies where he provides
project design and oversight for environmental and health & safety project staff, and sustainable
building consulting. His duties include working and collaborating with senior managers from around the
country on matters of health, safety and the environment.