Translated Japanese Manual Story

Rondo of Blood
In the good old days, the people desired only prosperity and peace, and certainly everyone thought that
the days of unrest would surely never come… But on the other side of peace and prosperity, there
invariably exists evil. Rejecting the peoples’ prosperity, they corrupt the peace.
Those who sought to restore the powers of evil and remake this corrupt world gathered. Smiles crept
across their faces as their expectations for the coming genesis swelled.
After one hundred years, a being of evil once again returned. This man could change his form into that
of a bat, a wolf, or mist, particularly favoring to act at night. Sucking the blood of young women, he
retained eternal life. Master of the Demon Castle, god of the wicked, Count Dracula has returned.
The Japanese manual contains two stories: one in Japanese, translated above, and one in German,
which seems to contain a few errors. A translation of the German text follows.
In the good old days, the people lived in peace and quiet. No one believed that a menace would come in
the future…
On the other side of peace and of growth, there is always evil.
The people began to refuse growth and refer to peace as degeneration.
We have assembled here to summon the powers of darkness with our cursed blood. We want them to
rule the world. Smiling, we await the downfall of the world.
After one hundred years, evil rose again. He can transform himself into a bat, a wolf, and mist. He loves
the night. He drinks the blood of young women and lives forever. The master of the Devil Castle, the lord
of Evil, Count Dracula, has risen.
--This document was contributed by Solar Boy.