Oct 26-30, 2015 - St. Nicholas Catholic School

P R E -K
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Dear Parents,
This week we:
 learned all about Ellie the Elephant and
the letter Ee.
 learned how to properly form and sound
out the letter Ee.
 made a list of words that start with the
letter Ee.
 learned the everyday word, “a”.
 learned that God made the Bible.
 learned how to measure height, length,
temperature, weight, and volume.
 measured something in the classroom
with a partner.
 learned that we need to encourage and
forgive each other.
 learned about elephants.
 Please help your child look for the letters,
Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd and Ee and the sounds that
these letters make when you are out and
about, around the house, or when you are
reading a book together. Please also look
for and point out the words, “is”, “my” “to”
“the” and “a”.
What We Know
Everyday words that we know:
is, my, to, the, a.
Letters we can identify, sound out, and
print properly: Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd and Ee.
Contact Information
Feel free to contact us at any time:
Mary Balmer: [email protected]
Karen McDonald: [email protected]
Oct 26-30, 2015
Pre-K News to Ask Your
Child About
Show me the sign and make the sound
for Ellie the Elephant
Show me how to use the everyday
word “a”.
Why does the priest kiss the Bible
during Mass?
How did Jesus feel about children?
What did you measure with your
What can you say to encourage
What do elephants use their trunks
Let’s read the White Ghost book
Looking Ahead
Nov 2 at 2:00 pm is the saint parade and
class party. Your child may wear his/her
saint costume to school. Don’t miss this
fun event!
Fall Festival-Nov 6 from 5:30-8 pm.
November 12-Sock Drive for the
homeless starts.
We have library every Tuesday.
Please make sure your child returns
his/her book by Monday. Thank you!
Please make sure to send your child to
school with a coat that has a hood
every day. Thank you!
Monday: PE
Tuesday: Music, Library
Wednesday: PE
Thursday: Music