ManneqART SHOW Press Release

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ManneqART SHOW: Sculptures on Human Form
An immersive experience into an extravagant world of wearable art.
WASHINGTON, DC – Art comes to life as ManneqART
SHOW unveils the extravagant world of wearable art,
showcasing the best in imaginative hair, makeup, and
costuming created from most unconventional materials
on Friday, November 20th, 2015 8pm to 12am at the
Ritz-Carlton, Georgetown (3100 South Street NW)
Celebrating the inventive and artistic fashion, ManneqART
SHOW blurs the boundaries of art and fashion through a
montage of color, sound, movement and art. From shawls
made from peacock feathers to skirts fashioned from
wicker baskets festooned with flowers to blow-torched
metal mesh dresses the unique works of art are designed
for the moving body and individually choreographed as part
of the show with elements of music, dance, lighting, drama
and comedy.
Presented by Art Soiree and curated by ManneqART, an
innovative non-profit arts organization, this one night only
event will bring to life over 30 incredible creations from
designers around the nation who have taken on the
challenge of creating 3-D wearable art pieces from metals,
paper, spray foam and even melted plastic bags.
Date: Friday, November 20 from 8pm-12am
Location: The Ritz-Carlton, Georgetown 3100 South
Street NW, Washington, DC
Ticketed: $15 Early Bird; $25 Regular, benefiting ManneqART 501(c)3 nonprofit
About ManneqART - an innovative 501(c)3 nonprofit arts and education organization with a
ART. Founded in 2013 by Lee Andersen, ManneqART is patterned after the successful World
of Wearable Art (WOW) competition that has been attracting 50,000 visitors to tiny Wellington,
New Zealand, for nearly 25 years. Every year ManneqART reaches out to both beginning and
accomplished artists of all ages and skill levels and invites them to think outside their comfort
zones to create artworks unlike anything you might have seen. $10,000 in awards are given
out to artists who participate in the competition, each year.
About Art Soiree: For over six years Art Soiree used creativity and art to engage and activate
the DC community through curated events, exhibitions, concerts and festivals. It’s goal is to
discover, support and promote talented contemporary artists, by providing them unique and
exciting opportunities to exhibit their work and showcase their talent to a wider audience,
gaining local, national and international recognition.