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The first case analysis

The first case analysis.
To: CEO of Wearable Wishes
From: CFO for Wearable Wishes
Thank you for your question regarding the strategic factors and how they impact the current
competitive environment.
In the contemporary world the competition between the corporations which are working in
retail clothing chain has rapidly increased. Customers tastes and manufacturing speed play a
significant role in the competitive force.
As you requested, this memorandum evaluates some different types of factors to show their
impacts on Wearable Wishes strategy and sales. Also, their effects on the US economy.
Strategic factors are one of the most important type of analysis which used to understand the
competitive environment and to maintain the long-term profit for the company.
Using data analytic by some companies such as Zara to collect information from their stores
about the customers preferences and create a network connection between their
managements to reduce the time and cost of the production led them succeed to provide their
stores by trendy clothes each two week. While this process is taking a long time and more cost
in our company because of the long instructions. As a result, we forced to make a sale in our
garments to avoid stocking them in the stores.
This strategy has a significant effect in the US economy and Wearable Wishes’ sales. It gives the
economy more powerful, the companies which are using this strategy are reaching more profit
and growing fast which increase the employment rate, stock prices, etc. For instance: Amazon
expansion has a good impact in the US economy. On the other hand, the companies how faced
difficulty using these strategies, especially during these variable circumstances which need to
make different decision in a short time. For example, in our company the inability to activate
this strategy efficiency that led us to decrease in our new stores and shouter some of the currently
In addition, Zara has a successful usage of studying the customers attitudes and using this
information to attract more customers. They noticed that the customers recently tend to save
their time by doing shopping online and to continue fighting in the hard-competitive
environment with the online shippers Zara decided to use Robots in their stores to facilitate the
pickup progress. Whereas the traditional way to organize our stores forces our customers to
use alternative options.
To deal with the competitive race Zara gives a lot of efforts to make their products close to the
customers tastes. They mimic the high brands design with less cost and provide their stores by
wide assortment of clothes. In contrast, our company has a difficulty to predict the customers
While the behavioral and cultural strategy are similar, I can say that both of them may have a
contracting effect on the US economy. To illustrate, when the customers tend to consume
some products more than the normal average and the prices going up because of the high
demand which is more than the capacity of the Producers, then the government involvement in
the economy to prevent price inflation. Vice versa, when the supply is more than the demand,
the government involve to increase the demand by reduce the tax rate or give more facilities.
Regarding to Wearable Wishes sales, while the company targets fashion conscious teens and
their attitudes and behaviors have fluctuated changes the sales are impacted significantly by
this strategy. If there anything else is needed or confused you, don’t hesitate to contact me.
CFO for Wearable Wishes.