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This is a dummy title for a contribution to the MML 2016 in Uppsala
A. Author1 and B.C. Author2 * (name of authors, with affiliation below)
Department 2, University, Area code, Street address, Country
Department 2, University, Area code, Street address, Country
*[email protected] (email to the person responsible for the submission)
This document is a dummy to
provide assistance for you to format
your abstract the same way as the
rest of the participants at the MML
2016. The text therefore combines
instructions and dummy text, to
make the layout as realistic as
possible. Now to the instructions:
References should be limited to the
most relevant literature, as you do
not want to waste the space as I am
doing when I am writing these lines.
The references should be cited in the text Figure 1. The graph illustrates the change of
ordering temperature and is taken from
and numbered as exemplified by Ref. [1, reference [2].
2]. The references are listed in the footer
area of the document, as illustrated below. Tables should have a clear structure, with
simple column headings that include all units in parentheses. The text size is 14 for
the title, 12 for the authors and 11 for the affiliations and the e-mail and finally 10 for
the references.
Figures must be sufficiently large in order for all details visible (Recommended dpi:
300dpi – 350dpi ). Figure captions should be 11pt size font, italic, as illustrated in the
figure caption for figure 1.
When you are happy with the layout, make a PDF version of your abstract, check that
it looks the same as you intended (as most of us have experienced, this is not always
the case as Word is not a layout program). When happy, submit to
[email protected] and include your full address in the e-mail as
The abstract selection process includes a selection of invited speakers from the
submitted abstracts. The idea is to identify more exciting science, which we simply
were not aware of when we made the initial choice of invited speakers.
[1] Authors, journal, volume, starting page, (year), example given below
[2] Xiao Xin,1 Gunnar K. Palsson, Max Wolff and Björgvin Hjörvarsson, Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 046103
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