Mission of the Cary Basketball Association

A Letter from the President of the Cary Basketball Association
Dear Parents,
Welcome to the start of the 2013-14 Cary Basketball Association (CBA) season.
The CBA offers boys and girls from Cary and the surrounding area the chance to
play recreational organized basketball in an atmosphere of friendly competition.
The primary goal is to make sure the kids have fun, learn teamwork, good
sportsmanship, and acquire fundamental basketball skills.
The attitude the coaches and parents bring to CBA basketball games is critical
toward establishing the ‘tone’ of our league. We expect coaches and parents to
treat youth basketball for what it is - a game kids play for fun and tempered
competition. Please have fun, cheer heartily, and get excited if you so desire; but
please remember there are no standings, no play-offs, and no Won/Loss records
posted nor recorded.
Referees hired by CBA to officiate basketball games are trained to call the games
to the best of their ability. However, these referees – some just 14 years old - will
make mistakes perhaps even at critical times; we ask for your patience as these
kids are trying their best and CBA tries to give everyone a fair shot at being a
referee if they so choose. At no time should parents direct any criticism to the
officials, and if coaches have concerns, they should be discussed with their League
CBA relies on parents and adult volunteers for all league operations and support.
Our success is determined by the participation of the many board members. The
more people who take an active role and volunteer, the better this organization will
be. If you are interested in helping, please contact any board member or attend any
of our board meetings that meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month. For location
and time go to www.caryhoops.com – contact us at [email protected]
Thanks for your support and have a fun and exciting 2013-14 basketball season!
Bill Mau
Cary Basketball Association