Myth Pot Packet - B

Name ______________________________________
Myth Pottery
The ancient Greeks developed many different styles of pots, each for a specific
purpose. Pottery was a very important part of both Maya and Greek culture and
society. They decorated the surface of their pots with images from their mythology, or
to document an important person or event. The style of pottery we will be creating is
based on the Red Figure Ware of the Greeks.
Your Task: To create a coil pot in one of the styles of the Greeks, though you may use
the foot style of the Maya. You will decorate your greenware pot to illustrate a story
written by a creative writing student using a technique called sgraffito. After your pot
has been bisque fired you will glaze it with a transparent glaze.
Step One: Read the history of Greek Pottery use Post-its to guide your reading.
Step Two: Begin construction of your pot (Begin Tuesday) (Use RED CLAY)
Step Three: Meet with Author Monday May2, 5th Period
Step Four: Complete sketches…more on that Due Tuesday May3
Step Five: When your pot is leather hard, paint on Black underglaze. _______________
Step Six: Sgraffito your pot
Step Seven: Set your pot to be bisque fired with your NAME on the bottom. Due in the
Kiln Room Monday May 9. Last day in Class, Friday May 6.
Your artwork will be evaluated on the following criteria:
You referenced the examples provided and your coil pot has a foot, body,
shoulder, neck, lip and handle
Your piece is symmetrical and you used a rib to smooth out the
bumps. Your handle is either pulled or sculptural in relation to the myth you illustrated.
Your surface decoration clearly represents the main idea of the beginning,
middle and end of the myth, and includes a motif around both the top and bottom of the
You clearly considered the negative and positive space when designing
the illustration. The illustration is dynamic, uses diagonal lines, and has a clear
consideration of the red/black combination
You applied 2 coats of clear glaze and had your piece glaze fired.
Glaze is applied to both the inside and the outside of the piece.
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Page 1
Ceramic Notes : Greek and Maya Pottery
Coil Building
Ancient Greece
Maya Civilization
Pulled Handle
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Page 2
Name ______________________Period _______ Author______________________
Title of Story ___________________________________
Character Description
Visual Characteristics:
Plot : Beginning
Plot: Middle
Plot: End
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Page 3
Now, to tell the Myth in pictures.
You must have one image for the beginning, middle, and end of the story. You must
also create a motif or frieze to embellish the rim and bottom of your pot.
Your sketches should be simple images. DO NOT try to cram a lot of visual information
into the small area. Use simple shapes and symbols to tell your story. Think of the
work of Jacob Lawrence.
Like This:
Not Like This:
Your Illustrations will be graded separately from your pot, as a separate grade in the
grade book.
Your illustrations are graded on:
 Simple shapes to convey the idea
 Images going outside of the ‘frame’ on 3 sides.
 Strong use of negative and positive space.
o Negative space is created by carving away large areas of underglaze to
create large shapes of color (top example).
o NOT lines only (bottom example).
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Page 4
Sketch your illustrations here. Be sure to color in as you would carve away.
Draw your motif here, remember a motif is a repeating design. Color it in. (see Ms. Power’s example)
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