Kaldiʼs Coffee Roasting Company is seeking motivated

Kaldiʼs Coffee Roasting Company is seeking motivated, energetic, and disciplined team
members to build its wholesale Customer Experience and Sales departments. Growth in
Specialty Coffee presents the opportunity of introducing new products in new markets
while simultaneously defining and controlling the quality of these products.
Kaldiʼs aims to be recognized as one of the leading specialty coffee companies in the
nation. We are dedicated to creating a memorable coffee experience for our customers
and guests, committing to sustainable coffee practices, providing educational
opportunities, and supporting the communities we serve.
Interested candidates should possess:
• Adaptability
• Appreciation for disciplined and measured service
• A desire to work, enjoy, and participate in the specialty coffee industry
• Ability to set and fulfill goals, while sharing measured results
• Work in a team environment
• Motivation to work until a task or goal is completed, rather than when the days is done.
• Strong written and verbal communication
• Passion for the retail environment
Job duties may include, but are not limited to:
• Consulting with existing wholesale accounts
• Managing promotional events
• Training
• Sales to existing customers
• New sales
• Product placement and merchandising
• Data entry and systems management
• Design
• Marketing, including web and social media
Interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter to Mike Marquard at