RUSA Learning Opportunities and Knowledge Coordination Task Force
Monday, July 21, 2014
Date and Time:
Monday, July 21, 2014
11:00 am – 12:15 pm Pacific
12:00 pm – 1:15 pm Mountain
1:00 pm – 2:15 pm Central
2:00 pm – 3:15 pm Eastern
Connection Information:
Dial: 866-714-4933
Leader: 72531716
Participant: 41708992
If you have material to share with the group send it to:
Please ALSO post documents to Connect.
1. Many thanks to Emily for her great minutes from the last meeting. -- Volunteer note-taker
for today?
2. Update from the Las Vegas conference -- Mary
 Susan reported that we have more than met our revenue goal for the year and
that there were still 2 months to go (at the time of the report)
o 300 people enrolled in online courses
o More than 500 people attended free and fee-based webinars.
 New RUSA Update Editor, Carol Schuetz. Carol has been tasked by the
Executive Committee to begin working with the Publications Committee and the
RUSA Board to re-imagine the RUSA Update as a resource for all members,
perhaps with general articles like the LIRT Newsletter she edited some years
3. Monthly meetings – Mary
 Goals
 Meetings on or near holidays
 If you have to miss a meeting….
4. Small Groups – liaisons from Shannon and Mary
5. Small Groups—updates, reports on goals + how group will meet these goals
Each group report should be no more than 5 minutes. Feel free to post written
summaries to Connect (or send them to Mary to post)
Group # 1 -- Participant contributions to learning, programming, publishing
– including ways to foster active learning. How do we think about
Jenny, Jim, and Carolyn
Convener: Jenny
Liaison: Mary Popp
Group # 2 -- How RUSA will organize webinars and online courses to both
maintain income and to provide member benefits.
Mary Parker, Todd, Emily, & Jim
Convener: Mary Parker
Liaison: Mary Popp
Group # 3 -- Evaluate webinars (fee and free, but with a special emphasis
on free webinars from sections and committees) we have done in the last
year. Determine criteria to use, how we will talk with the presenters and the
participants, etc.
Sarah, Mary Parker, & Jenny
Convener: Sarah
Liaison: Shannon
Group # 4 -- Leveraging the web site to engage RUSA members in learning
Todd, Beth, Shannon & Carolyn
Convener: Shannon
Group # 5 -- Ways to deliver information/delivery modes
Mary Popp, Michael, & Beth
Convener: Michael
Group # 7 -- RUSA web site review of programs, publications, recordings,
etc. from sections – Elizabeth and the Publication & Communications
6. Quick review of timeline for our work
Latest revised timeline can be found on Connect at:
7. August 1 deadline for goals and timelines.
 Do we need to extend that date to August 15?
 What should this look like?
 How will we report?
8. Clearinghouse function -- options for where to put it -- Mike H.
9. What will our final report look like? Do we have some goals? As you will remember, at
our last meeting we made the following decision:
Our audience for our report - RUSA decision makers (sections, committees, etc.)
but real goal is to make information easier to find and clearer for all ongoing
members as well as newer and less involved members. — working definition /
mission for this committee.
10. Next steps – goals and tasks for August 18 meeting