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Pacific Northwest History
HIST&214 Syllabus
Instructor: Gary Benefiel; Office: 15G
Telephone: 527-4577
Time: 8:30-9:20 AM Mon-Fri
Room: 104
Textbook: Carlos Schwantes, The Pacific Northwest: An Interpretive History, 1996.
Course Description: Geography, Native tribes and their cultures, explorers, pioneer settlement,
government, economy, and ecology of the Pacific Northwest states of Washington, Oregon, and
Idaho from earliest times to the present.
Learning Outcomes At the end of this course, each student should be able to:
analyze how individuals and movements have shaped our regional past
analyze factors contributing to the development of the Pacific Northwest and describe its impact
on the present
analyze the cause and effect relationships of past human events
identify regional trends and diagnose issues facing the people of the Pacific Northwest today
1. Three exams worth 70 points each. Exams are a combination of identifications, map, and
essay questions.
210 points—44%
2. Map assignments.
75 points—16%
3. Oral History Report and Research Paper (70 each)
140 points—29%
4. Attendance
50 points—11%
Two extra credit points (and a dollar) will be awarded for every incorrect fact that you catch the
instructor stating in class. This does not apply to erroneous opinions held by your instructor.
Grading Scale: (in percent)
93-100 A
83-86 B
73-76 C
60-64 D
80-82 B-
59 & below F
87-89 B+
77-79 C+
65-69 D+
Attendance policy and makeup exams
It is expected that students will attend each class and be on time. Please contact the instructor if
you are unable to attend class. No make-up exams will be permitted without previous
arrangements (that is, contact me before the exam). To request accommodations related to a
disability, contact Claudia Angus, Ph.D., Coordinator of Disability Support Services, at 5274262 or email
Course Schedule:
Reading Assignment
Geography & Climate
p. 1-16
Natives & Explorers
p. 19-40; 41-52
Fur Empires
p. 53-79
Whitmans & Oregon Trail
p. 83-109
Exam I
Oregon Country and Growing Pains
p. 110-142
Indian Wars, Reservations & Minorities
p. 143-166
Railroad Empires
p. 179-199
Immigration & Urbanization
p. 225-250
Exam II
p. 251-270
May Hutton
p. 315-325
Labor in the Northwest
p. 326-344
Progressives & WWI
p. 345-362
Exam III
Between the Wars/ Great Depression
p. 381-395
World War II & Cold War
p. 408-428
Contemporary Northwest
p. 454-476
Environmental Issues
p. 477-502
Final Exam