Lesson Plan

Lesson Details
This lesson will enable students to utilize technology to help them write a paragraph based
on the story, Because of Winn Dixie. They will be using Kidspiration software to help
create a Venn diagram before writing. The teacher will begin the lesson by asking the
students about a time when they felt alone, gotten a new pet, and how they think Opal
feels in the story. Students will work in pairs to brainstorm ideas and create a Venn
Lesson Title
Using Venn Diagrams to Write a Personal Narrative Relative to a Story
Content Area
Reading Comprehension/Writing
Grade Level
45 minutes
Date of Lesson
UBD Stage I: Identify Desired Results
Lesson Objectives
Students will be able to:
1) Write a paragraph about a personal situation when they felt the same way as Opal in the story,
Because of Winn Dixie, while correctly identifying how Opal feels.
2) Create a venn diagram using the Kidspiration software to correctly identify the characters and plot
from the story, Because of Winn Dixie, with 90% accuracy after reviewing the story as a class
3) Collaborate with a partner to answer these questions:
Have you ever felt alone?
Has anyone ever gotten a new pet?
How did you feel when you were alone/when you got a new pet?
How do you think Opal feels in the story?
PA Standards
CC.1.4.2.O Include thoughts and feelings to describe experiences and events to show the response
of characters to situations.
CC.1.4.2.U With guidance and support, use a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing
including in collaboration with peers.
CC.1.4.2.W Recall information from experiences or gather information from provided sources to
answer a question.
ISTE Standards
6. Technology operations and concepts
Students demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations.
Understand and use technology systems
Select and use applications effectively and productively
Troubleshoot systems and applications
Transfer current knowledge to learning of new technologies
Enduring Understandings
Organization helps lead to further the application and analysis of information.
Technology can be used to help organize information for writing.
Writing is one way to analyze, reflect on, and share information provided to the students with
Essential Questions
 How does organizing information help further analysis of that information?
 What are benefits of using technology to organize information?
 How can reflection and making connections help enhance writing?
UBD Stage II: Determine Acceptable Evidence
Assessment Tasks
Formal: The students will be formally assessed of their understanding of the story, Because of Win
Dixie with the creation of their paragraph and Venn diagram with correct information from the story.
Informal: Students will be informally assessed of their ability to collaborate with a partner to
brainstorm times when they felt alone, or got a new pet, etc. (see objective questions above).
Assessment Adaptations
Rubric/Scoring Criteria
Paragraphs/Venn Diagrams will be graded out of 10 points:
Intro and Conclusion sentence
Paragraph includes how the student felt & how it relates to the story
Correct Grammar with 2 or less mistakes
Venn Diagram shows the student’s feelings
Venn Diagram shows Opal’s feelings from the story
UBD Stage III: Plan Learning Experiences and Instruction
Materials and Resources
1) Paper and Pencil
2) Because of Winn Dixie book
3) Computer
4) Kidspiration Software
5) Venn Diagram Outline
6) White Board/Markers
Procedures and Content
1) Review the Story (5 minutes)
T: The teacher asks the students about how Opal felt in the story when she lost her dog. The
teacher will write the students’ responses on the board.
S: The students will respond in the discussion by raising their hands to answer the question
asked by the teacher.
2) Personal Connections (5 minutes)
T: The teacher will then ask the students the following questions after writing them on the
 Have you ever felt alone?
 Has anyone ever gotten a new pet?
 How did you feel when you were alone/when you got a new pet?
S: The students will think about these questions to themselves after each question is asked.
3) Assignment (5 minutes)
T: The teacher will explain to the students that they are going to be writing a paragraph about
their personal situation and how it relates to Opal from the story. Explain to the students that
they will be using Kidspiration software to create a Venn diagram, with the provided template
(See Materials) about the story and what they are writing about. Ask the students if they have
any questions about their assignment
S: The students will listen to the directions provided and raise their hands to ask any questions
they may have.
4) Brainstorm (5 minutes)
T: Tell the students to find a partner and answer the questions on the board; they have 5
minutes to do this. (While they are doing this, pull up Kidspiration on the computers and open
the template for them to use to create their Venn diagrams)
S: Students will find a partner to answer the questions on the board.
5) Kidspiration (10 minutes)
T: Once the time is up, have the students show their answers to you and once you approve
them, let them go to the computers and work on their Venn diagram. During this time, walk
around the room to be sure students are working on the assignment and answer any questions
they may have.
S: Students will use their computers to begin filling out their Venn diagrams about the story.
6) Printing & Writing (10 minutes)
T: Help the students print their Venn diagram to take back to their desk to begin writing their
S: Students will print out their Venn diagram, return to their desks, and begin writing their
7) Review (5 minutes)
T: Ask the students to put down their pencils and look at the board. Ask 3 students to share
what they included on their Venn diagram to write about. Write some of their responses on the
S: Students will share some of their responses of what they included on their Venn diagram
and in their paragraph.
T: Share with the students how everyone might feel different when similar things happen to
them. Tell the students that they need to finish their paragraphs for homework to be turned in
At the end of the lesson, tell the students that they have to finish writing their paragraphs for
homework if they are not complete. They will be handed in along with their Venn diagrams at the
beginning of the day tomorrow with their daily folders.
If Time Activities
If the students finish their paragraph before time is finished, have the students work on their other
homework assignments or get out their independent reading book to sit quietly and read until it is time
to transition to the next activity.
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