K-8 Dean of Support Services

Dean of Support Services
Role: The Dean of Support Services is responsible for creating a vision for and properly executing an
academic program that can support a diverse population of learners at KIPP Academy Boston. The Dean of
Support Services will report to the Principal of KIPP or his/her designee, and work closely with the
KIPP:MA Director of Student Supports.
Specific Responsibilities:
Responsible for creating a vision and supporting for all substantially separate programming
Manage and support the school based social-emotional counseling team
Manage and be the school based liaison for all related service providers
Manage the Special Education Coordinator and LEP Coordinator to ensure that school is
consistently in compliance with all state and Federal regulations
Develop a vision for an oversee intervention blocks by serving as the lead interventionist of the
school and the owner of the RtI process
Be fully trained on crisis management and serve as the school based team lead for all student
related crisises (example: restraints)
Support fellow school leadership team members on developing and evaluationg Special
Education and ELL staff
Participate as a full member of the leadership team
Participate in regional leadership development
Weekly meeting with Director of Student Support
Ensures behavioral and academic intervention plans are adhered to by leadership teams
Collaborates weekly with Dean of Students on student behavior in order to avoid recidivism
Conduct regular whole school walk throughs to provide feedback to teachers and leaders on the
support systems for schools
Provide professional development on supporting diverse learners
• An unwavering commitment to the academic success and personal development of our students;
• An eagerness to set ambitious, challenging, and tangible goals, and a relentless drive to achieve them;
• An ability to thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment and a capacity to remain calm and focused
when faced with unexpected challenges;
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including strong public speaking skills;
• A sense of humility;
• Bachelor’s degree is required, Master’s degree is preferred;
• A valid Massachusetts Teaching License in Moderate Disabilities, PreK-8, Moderate Disabilities, 5-12, OR
Valid ELL License at any grade level
• Fluent Spanish speakers strongly encouraged to apply