Charter School Teacher Fair Survey Results School name: KIPP

Charter School Teacher Fair Survey Results
School name: KIPP McDonogh 15 School for the Creative Arts
Type of charter: 5
Address: 721 St. Philip St
Enrollment: 450
2008: 480
Phone: 373.6269
Fax: 265.0290
Grade config: PreK- 8th (in 2008)
Day length: 9 hours
year length: ---
Summer school: no
Vacancies: --Grades, courses, certification reqd:
All grades
special ed (inclusion/intervention), French language
science (looking for multiple teachers, grade levels flexible
-- no certification required for all above
Other certifications:
Other characteristics: An incredible work ethic, belief in the mission of KIPP
McDonogh 15, at least 2 years of teaching experience
Salary range: ---
Beginning BA: ---
Health benefits: yes
Dependents: no
Retirement type: 403(b), TRSL
Maximum (#of years): ---
Description of focus: The mission of KIPP New Orleans Schools is to develop an
influential network of free, open-enrollment, college preparatory public charter schools
that give students the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in school and in life.
What teachers need to do/be for success: We are looking for the best teachers and
talent from around the country to join our ranks and help us grow. We look for teachers
who are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that students succeed. This requires
dedication, an incredible work ethic, and the ability to work as a team player.