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Reflection Paper

Sponsored by the Dean of Students Office

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Please answer the following 5 questions in 3-5 sentences and return to the Dean of Students Office KUB

101 to receive 5 hours of community service or credit for one personal development workshop. This opportunity is only available for students who are sanctioned through the Dean of Students Office.

*Please note in order to get your community service you must have your community service log sheet

(a separate sheet) signed at the conclusion of the presentation along with doing the reflection. Also, if your responses are not sufficient, you will be asked to add to your responses in order to receive


Program Attended


Reason for Attending


Please describe the presentation in terms of what it covered and how you might personally apply the information/content in your life? (Academics, real life, classroom, extracurricular activities, etc.)


What did you like the most and least about the presentation? What could have made it better?


List at least one new thing you learned during the presentation and describe what you learned.


Did the presentation/program change your perspective/opinion on the topic? Why or why not?


Would you recommend this program or any other program you attended to a friend? Why or why not?