Resources for Teaching They Say/I Say Effectively in WR 098
Particularly Useful Sections/Chapters in TSIS:
 pp. 38-41 (summaries--especially basic summary vs. "slanted" summary,
with good exercise that can be used at the middle or end of the semester with
almost any Globalization essay)
 pp. 196-200 (interpretations can be wrong! students sometimes need this
reminder. . . )
Useful Readings in 098 Keyed to TSIS sections:
 Cole with Chapter 5
Notes on Modifying/Using TSIS with 098 students:
 Provide syntactic notes to gloss the templates. Students love the templates,
but make sure you show them how in any given list of templates (see p. 295
as an example) the fill-in-the-blank sections are not necessarily able to be
filled by the same syntactic component (verb phrase vs. independent clause,