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Instructional Design Course
The following instructional design courses are now open for registration on My [email protected]
• Writing for distance learners (two day) NR03313—Monday 7 December–Tuesday 8
December—EVENT ID 119478
• Writing for distance learners (three day) NR03312— Monday 7 December –Wednesday 9
December—EVENT ID 119479
• Writing for distance learners (templates and styles)—Wednesday 9 December—EVENT
ID 119481
The two and three day courses cover writing for distance education students for both an
online environment and text based materials, as well as distance education pedagogy. The
one day ‘templates and styles’ course is mainly practical. A prerequisite of the one day
course is successful completion of either the two day or three day course.
A requirement of all three courses is that you are teaching in a distance education centre or
school and have head teacher endorsement.
Please note the two day course only provides a brief introduction to using Word styles and
the requirements of a digital template and the variety of SXLMPU templates available. If
you wish to spend more time on styles and templates you should register for the three day
course where online and text-based templates are covered in more detail with hands on
experience of both. However, prior to enrolment in the three day course please discuss your
intention with me.
There are no course costs, the DEC pays for catering. However, a TPL form must be
submitted following school practice to your head teacher and from them to both the SAM and
Head Teacher Admin.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact Lisa Tonkin at Southern Cross DE
Registration is now open for all three courses and closes on 3 December 2015.