Tennis Assignment:
1. Name the 4 grand slam tennis tournaments. (4)
2. Name the current male and female champions from each of the tournaments. (4)
3. Name the 4 cities and stadiums where these tournaments are played. (4)
4. Name Canada's highest ranking male and female tennis athlete. (2)
5. Choose one current and one retired famous tennis player, male or female and
research the following: a. Players background history before their tennis career,
i.e., high school activities and university life (2) b. Player's native country (1) c.
Style of Play (doubles, singles or both) (1) d. Tournaments won (1) e. Career
earnings (1) f. Personal information: married, single, family, hobbies and interests
6. Find the native country of each of the following players (10):
Novak Djokovic
Roger Federer
Andy Murray
Stan Wawrinka
Serena Williams
Simona Halep
Maria Sharapova
Petra Kvitova
Lucie Safarova
7. How does scoring work in both singles and doubles? (4)
8. List the rules of singles and doubles (5)
9. What is the history of the sport? (2)
10. What equipment is used during the game? (2)
11. Attach a diagram of a labelled court (3)