Exceptional Namibia tennis star - Janine & Suzelle Davin Sport Trust

Exceptional Namibia tennis star
Sedi Jacobs
Who are you?
I love being happy with all my friends and family.
When did it all start?
It all started with my older brother introducing tennis to the family for the first time.
What are your future plans and dream?
My future plans and dreams include getting a degree in college and continuing with my
tennis career.
What motivates you each day?
I get motivated by all the messages I receive from my family. Another motivation includes
having the opportunity to represent my country.
Who inspires you?
I wouldn't say I have one specific person that inspires me because I get inspired by a lot of
things and people. For example my parents inspire me and being able to travel and compete
inspires me.
What advice would you give your peers?
In my opinion, it’s very important to know what you want in life and believe in yourself.
Once you know it all you need to do is work hard for it and it will all pay off in some way.
Lastly, never limit your abilities.
Recent Achievements?
I won both singles and doubles in the recent ITF's in South Africa, one doubles title in
Netherlands earlier this year, competed in the youth Olympics.