Minutes - Special Meeting - La Mesa

La Mesa-Spring Valley School District
Education Service Center – August 13, 2015 (5:00 p.m.)
The meeting of August 13, 2015 was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by Chairperson David Gillespie.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Gillespie.
Commission members present: David Gillespie and Patricia Ridenour.
It was moved by Ridenour, seconded by Gillespie and carried unanimously to approve the agenda as
Peter Ramos, Skilled Maintenance Worker II, expressed his appreciation for the resolution to the “y-rating”
issue. Ramos acknowledged the hard work of the District, CSEA, and the Personnel Commission to find a
Mike Wager, Storekeeper, expressed his frustrations with the classification review process including the
data researched by TR Lin, Director, Classified Personnel and the extensive timelines. In reference to the
recruitment of a new Director, Wager urged the Commissioners to recruit a director that will advocate not
an adversary.
Barbara Pratt, Office Assistant II in Maintenance, requested the Commission to postpone the vote to change
the job description and open the recruitment for the Director, Classified Personnel, until CSEA has had an
opportunity to provide feedback and opinions. Pratt continued, time is needed to fix what has not worked
in the past. Pratt advised that she would like CSEA members to help define duties and expectations of a
new Director. She would like the director to be paid fully by the Personnel Commission, not be a twohatted position. Pratt expressed she felt that the education and experience stated on the current job
description seems reasonable, and would not want the minimum qualifications to be lowered.
Nancy McDaniel, Child Nutrition Worker II, informed the Commission that she is concerned about how the
Director, Classified Personnel, will be filled; as a classified employee, this is a very important position to
her. Classified staff is very large, and she would like to know what is involved in the process, and would
like to know how CSEA members can be involved.
Alex Vallejo, President, CSEA Chapter 419, expressed his appreciation for the work he has completed with
Dr. Lin. He would like the Personnel Commission and CSEA to have an open dialogue about the
recruitment for Director, Classified Personnel. Vallejo continued with “buzz words” he would like the
Commission to consider include patience, people skills, transparency, instill confidence, and honesty.
Tina Sardina, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources, expressed her appreciation for the opportunity
to have improved collaboration and communication between the classified employees, the Personnel
Commission, and the District. Sardina advised the Commission communication with the stakeholders is
critical. Understanding the needs of the classified staff is critical. Listening session would allow
stakeholders to express these needs; listening validates and appreciates. Sardina continued we can only
improve our future from learning from our past. Sardina urged the Commission to consider slowing down
the job description change and recruitment process. This information is critical to the Merit System, the
classified employees and the District.
Personnel Commission Minutes 08/13/15
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MINUTES – LMSVSD Personnel Commission Special Meeting Held August 13, 2015
Dan Ortiz, CSEA Labor Representative, informed the Commission that LMSVSD is the only merit district
that he represents, and he is a strong supporter. Ortiz expressed his desire for CSEA to be involved with a
voice and meaningful conversation. Interpersonal communication is critical; this will reduce friction
between the Director and stakeholders. CSEA and the District need someone they can work with. When
trust is broken and communication is poor, barriers are built. Ortiz continued; the new Director, Classified
Personnel needs to have a connection with the members and will be an advocate for the merit system and
the employees.
Brian Marshall, Superintendent, advised the Director, Classified Personnel, is a critical hire and he urged
the Commission to conduct some environmental scanning and accept stakeholder input. Input from the
Personnel Commission, CSEA E-board, CSEA members, and the District will provide considerable date.
Once the data has been gathered, a job description can be updated, and a proper recruitment will filter out
candidates that are not a good fit. Marshall expressed the need to have meaningful members on the hiring
panel, but he understands the Personnel Commissioners make final decisions.
George Cole, Executive Director of California State Personnel Commission Association, detailed his
experience including conducting workshops on the merit system. Cole advised that the merit system is
healthy in LMSVSD. Cole agreed with previous comments expressing the need to have input from the
District and employees every step along the way. Cole will be returning to conduct Merit System
Workshop in the month of September. He encourages the Commission to wait until after the workshop to
continue with the job description update and to open the recruitment. This will give the Commission,
CSEA, and the District an opportunity to have an open dialogue. It is critical to have competency based
recruitment and evaluate candidates on their technical skills, as well. Cole advised the idea of lowering the
minimum qualifications is because it can be challenging to find a qualified candidate that understands what
it is to be a member of the rank and file, the experience needed, and have the Master’s degree in a related
Ridenour expressed her appreciation to everyone in attendance and for openly discussing their opinions and
views on the process. She agreed there is value and need to make sure that input from stakeholders is
included. Ridenour advised there was no ulterior motive to try to force anything through the process too
quickly. The rules of the merit system still need to be followed, and enforced.
Lin expressed his gratitude to all staff, CSEA, and Cabinet members that showed up and provided
constructive criticism. Lin advised that he had not intended to move forward with the recruitment
immediately. Lin asked for the Commission’s approval to allow Cole to complete the recruitment.
Gillespie expressed his gratitude for all in attendance. The commission will slow down, go over job
description, and take time to make sure the stakeholders have an opportunity to provide input.
1. Approval to ratify the announcement of the following promotional examination:
Internal Auditor
Motioned by Ridenour, seconded by Gillespie, carried unanimously.
2. Amend the approval of the revised job description of Internal Auditor, to move it from
Confidential to Supervisory salary schedule, and to recommend to the Board of Education to set the
salary in Classified Supervisory salary schedule ($63,267 Step A to $78,860 Step F), to become
effective for recruitment purposes and implementation upon the completion of the merit examination
Motioned by Ridenour, seconded by Gillespie, carried unanimously.
Personnel Commission Minutes 08/13/15
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MINUTES – LMSVSD Personnel Commission Special Meeting Held August 13, 2015
3. . Approval of the revised job description of Director, Classified Personnel.
Motioned by Gillespie, seconded by Ridenour, carried unanimously.
OTHER BUSINESS: Next Meeting Date – August 27, 2015, 5:00 p.m. Motion to adjourn by Ridenour, seconded
by Gillespie. Meeting adjourned at 6:18p.m.
Personnel Commission Minutes 08/13/15
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