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Respect: Learn it! Earn it! Return It!
Altoona Middle School Respect Policy
The Altoona Middle School is committed to provide a safe,
supportive and respectful environment for all members of our
learning community. We believe that everyone deserves respect,
that everyone should be shown consideration and appreciation,
and that everyone’s feelings and personal worth will be honored.
This is our commitment to develop and maintain a culture of
respect throughout our school community.
Respect is showing care and regard for
someone or something
Tattling is done to get someone in
trouble with idle talk, secrets or
unproven information.
Teasing is words or actions used to get a
response from someone and intended to
be playful, not hurtful and should stop if
Harassment is unwanted words or
actions that are intended to be
offensive or intimidating.
Bullying is a deliberate or intentional use
of harmful words or actions that
involves an imbalance of power and is
repeated over time.
Altoona Middle School Code of Behavior
Every member of our school community is encouraged to choose RESPECT.
I will treat myself with RESPECT.
I will treat others with RESPECT no matter how they treat me.
I will forgive others who do not treat me with RESPECT.
I will resist the natural desire to pay back or take revenge.
I will apologize when I do not treat others with RESPECT.
I will support others who are not treated with RESPECT.
I will ask for support when others to not treat me with RESPECT.
Respect Is…
Respect Is Not…
Being aware of and accepting
Showing concern for others
Treating people fairly
Observing personal boundaries
Listening to others
Solving conflicts appropriately and
Including people in groups and
Demonstrating self-control
Speaking well of others
Allowing for alternative points of view
Following through on commitments
Following school expectations
Name calling
Making threats
Spreading rumors
Making fun of someone
Inappropriate gestures
Physical intimidation
Unwanted touches
Unwanted teasing
Telling inappropriate jokes
Destruction of property
Using technology to threaten or hurt
Fundamental Principles of RESPECT
Principle Number 1
Every human being is unique and has inherent worth and value, and
therefore, should be treated with RESPECT. Respect means to be treated with
care and consideration. This type of RESPECT is different from the type of
respect that you can earn.
Principle Number 2
Respect in not only an attitude, but an observable behavior. Respect will be
clearly demonstrated in the following areas.
Respect for Yourself
Respect for Others
Respect for Property
Respect for Positions of Authority
Respect for the Environment
Principle Number 3
Every member of our school community knows inherently how to demonstrate
Principle Number 4
If a member of our school community is not treating others or themselves
with RESPECT, they are making a conscious choice NOT to do so.
Principle Number 5
Every member of our school community is responsible for their own actions
and choices. These actions and choices will always have consequences.
Principle Number 6
It is acknowledged that every member of our school community may at some time
fall short of the Code of Behavior. However, by providing a standard or benchmark
for what is right and acceptable, we are holding a standard of behavior to work
Reporting a Bullying or Harassment Incident
Who Can Report a Bullying or Harassment Incident?
Any staff or student who has knowledge of or witnessed an alleged bullying or harassment
Who Can the Incident Be Reported To?
Other Staff Member
Bus Driver
Guidance Counselor
Dean of Students
Family Member
Another Student
How to Report a Bullying or Harassment Incident?
A written report can be completed individually or with an adult.
The reports will be available in the teacher’s rooms.
(online reports when available)
Completed forms are turned into the AMS office.
What Happens Once Report is Made?
Report should be turned into Middle School Office.
The Principal or designee investigates the incident.
All concerned individuals will be notified.
Meetings will be arranged with all concerned individuals if necessary.
What Happens During the Meeting?
Problem solving meetings are arranged by the Principal or designee.
The meetings are arranged by the Principal or Dean of Students if necessary.
The nature of the complaint is discussed.
Results of the Investigation
A decision regarding the administrative response or action will be determined.
The Principal or designee will notify the necessary individuals of the response or action.