Weather Review

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Weather Review
Test on Tuesday, October 1, 2013
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This is just a brief summary of what we went over.
Please use your notebook to go over the information in detail.
Atmosphere – blanket of air that surrounds the Earth that contains the air we breathe
Weather - what the air outside is doing at a certain time and certain place
6 components that make up weather – temperature, air pressure, wind, humidity, precipitation,
Tools/Instruments to gather weather information – thermometer, barometer, wind vane/wind
sock, anemometer, hygrometer, rain gauge, snow gauge, radar, you
Meteorologist - scientist that studies weather by using weather instruments
Front - boundaries of large masses of air
Wind – moves west to east in the U.S.
Jet Stream – river of winds high in the atmosphere that separates the warm air from the north
and the cold air from the south (shifts north in the summer and south in the winter)
High - on a weather map means good weather and heavy air not excited with heat energy
Low - on a weather map means bad weather and warm/light air that is filled with water
Climate - is the average weather over a long period of time in a certain area (weather can
change every day but climate cannot)
6 factors that affect climate – equator, altitude above sea level, precipitation, wind, shape of
the land, greenhouse effect/global warming
Climatologist – scientist that studies climates from long ago
Other resources to use to study:
Worksheets: Atmosphere, Weather Instruments, Weather Scavenger Hunt, What’s the
Weather?, 6 Factors of Weather, Reading a Weather Map, What is an Air Mass?, World
Climatic Regions, Weather Open Response
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