Gateway Programs Manager

Gateway Program Coordinator
Exempt - Professional
Direct Supervisor:
Manager, Gateway Programs
Next Level Supervisor: Director, Adult Workforce
Purpose of Position in Skillpoint Alliance
This position’s primary purpose is to provide coordination and management of one of the Gateway Programs, with special
emphasis on program delivery and student service coordination.
Position Overview
Under the supervision and direction of the Gateway Program Manager, the Gateway Program Coordinator will coordinate and
carry out the activities of one Gateway Program including: program oversight, recruitment and selection of students; case
management; curriculum delivery; professional networking; and data management.
Current Gateway Programs: Construction Tech, Health Care, Office Administration.
Position Description
Student Services
 Interview & assess program applicants for eligibility, potential success; determine who to enroll.
 Facilitate program enrollment, student orientation, meetings with program faculty and staff.
 Maintain daily classroom presence through observation, instruction, behavior management, exam proctoring.
 Maintain accurate records of attendance, distribution of instructional supplies, test scores.
 Ongoing case management and counsel with students in both group, individual format.
 Facilitate student withdrawal: Director’s approval, communicate to class, submit ACC drop form.
 Provide information as requested by students’ Case Managers and Probation/Parole Officers.
 Team with Workforce Development staff to support delivery of professional development core: ongoing & specific
topics, group instruction, follow up activities.
 Support Workforce Development team’s follow up tasks, resume review and employment leads.
 Manage employment tracking thru follow up calls, updating database & employment coaching.
 Coordinate access to student support services (bus passes, parking permits, child care vouchers).
Program Coordination
 Manage course schedule, curriculum blocks, facilitation of DAY ONE, industry presentations.
 Maintain up to date student records in the CTK Online Database.
 Submit accurate student records to funders (i.e. REM) and certifying bodies (i.e. NCCER).
 Liaison between faculty and staff to deliver information, provide support, resolve conflict.
 Coordinate Graduations including location, invites, speaker, program and reception.
 Manage post-graduation tasks by submitting program close out forms and student follow up.
 Adhere to all contract requirements applicable to program and position.
 Maintain knowledge of curriculum changes, annual schedule, program expansion, tuition rates.
 Maintain working knowledge of instructor, student, funder feedback and needs.
 For applicable programs, team with ACC Coordinator to ensure student practicum placement.
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Program Development
 Market and recruit for Gateway Programs, including student, employer and partner outreach.
 Presentations to community groups, interested applicants, referral partners and potential funders.
 Evaluation of curriculum implementation and delivery, including instructional style, tools and content.
 Maintain thorough understanding of collaboration with training partners, funders and industry employers.
 Manage at least one (1) Gateway Program project related to all programs and staff.
 Support Gateway Internship Program thru student eligibility, placement matching and industry partnerships.
 Support Gateway Scholarship Program with identification of potential donors and student recipients.
 Support cultivation of members for Gateway Business Council.
General Administration
 Comprehensive member participation in all staff teams.
 Support supervision of Gateway Program support staff and general administrative tasks.
 Attend regular Program, Gateway Programs and Skillpoint Alliance staff meetings.
 Successful completion of other responsibilities as assigned.
Core Competencies
 Demonstrated support of the Skillpoint Alliance and Gateway Program missions and visions.
 Professional communication, interaction and behavior with students, staff, employers, funders and partners.
 Meet or exceed all program measurables.
 Accurate and timely submission of all documentation, assignments and projects.
 Exhibit and use efficient and productive work habits.
 Exhibits tact, honors diversity and enables others’ success through respectful leadership and team work.
 Displays initiative, sound judgment and critical thinking in professional settings.
 Knowledgeable, effective and appropriate use of technology and available tools.
 Timely and professional attendance at all required staff and community meetings.
 Respond to email and voicemail messages within one business day maximum.
Additional Position Information
Experience and Skills
 Demonstrated experience in program coordination or project management.
 Demonstrated experience in workforce development, adult education or social service work.
 Direct work with former offenders, low-income, minority, diverse, at-risk, and/or unemployed individuals.
 Strong interpersonal skills, including techniques for positive motivation, handling difficult people, and teamwork.
 Highly organized, systematic thinker and self-motivated worker requiring minimal supervision
 Excellent verbal, written and visual communication skills.
 Computer proficiency: email and Internet use, file management, MS Office.
 Knowledge of greater-Austin community, job market, economic/political trends and resources.
 Ability to be flexible, persistent, and confident.
 Knowledge and comfort with marketing including maintaining up to date materials.
 Experience in outreach and recruitment.
 Experience working or volunteering with a not-for-profit organization.
 Bilingual preferred with proficiency in spoken and written communications in both languages.
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 High School Diploma or GED required; Associate or Bachelor degree preferred.
 Additional advanced professional training, preferred.
 Salary based on experience
 Benefits package including:
o Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance.
o Generous sick, vacation & holiday pay.
o Retirement contribution match.
 Full-time: Exempt
 Primary work site is Skillpoint Alliance 201 East 2nd Street, Suite B, Austin, Texas 78701.
 Position will require significant time at Workforce Solutions Centers and assigned training sites.
 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday (some flexibility required to meet program needs)
Physical demands
 Work is both sedentary and mobile.
 In-town travel (mileage compensated).
Contact Information:
Teresa Durant
Phone: 512-323-6773 X105
Fax: 512-323-5884
[email protected]
Contact Method:
Email Cover letter and Resume to:
To: Teresa Durant
Gateway Programs Manager
[email protected]
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