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Sharp images for dome simulators
eyevis expands portfolio of optics for ESP projectors by special dome optics
for curved projection surfaces.
Dome simulators offer large simulation areas without visible edges cover a greater range of
visual field than flat projection surfaces and thus enable a better simulation effect than
simulators with flat projection surfaces. For a sharp projection onto the curved surfaces on
dome simulators eyevis now has included a special dome optics in their product portfolio.
The optics is applicable for all eyevis ESP projectors and with a 90° projection allows a sharp
image on the entire projection surface.
In the area of special optics eyevis complements its so-called fisheye optics type ESP-OPT110-FE which is particularly suitable for small simulators with strongly curved projection
The new dome optics type ESP-OPT-110-100 DOME was developed specifically for the
usage in dome simulators. The optics generates a tangent compensated image which
corresponds to a 90 degree projection. With two built-in focus rings the optics allows the
adjustment of a maximum sharpness on the curved projection surface. The appropriate
curvature for each surface is adjusted via the first focus ring and via the second focus ring
the focus for the overall picture is set. Thus, a perfectly sharp image emerges. Both the new
dome optics as well as the fisheye optics can be used with all eyevis ESP projectors and so
allows for sharp images for dome simulations with resolutions of XGA (1024 x 768 Px) Full
HD (1920 x 1080 Px) to through to WQXGA (2560 x 1600 Px).
Due to the extremely wide-angle projection, the new dome optics and the fisheye optics also
allow more cost-effective dome simulations, since less overall projectors are needed to cover
the whole simulation area. Especially in simulations that do well with a lower brightness and
a lower resolution, such as night vision simulations, the new dome optics and the fisheye
optics offer a cheaper alternative.
In addition to the special optics for curved surfaces eyevis also offer standard optics with
throw ratios of 0,56:1 to 1,48:1 and so all eyevis ESP projectors can be adapted to the
existing projection distances. The sturdy design of the projectors makes them perfect for
motion simulators. The eyevis optics are also sturdy and constructed without plastic
components. This prevents deformation or setting changes due to material fatigue with
longer runtimes.
About eyevis
eyevis, German manufacturer of large scale video systems, is one of the leading providers and
integrators of visualization systems for professional applications in control rooms, virtual reality and
simulation as well as in the areas of broadcast and AV. eyevis has a worldwide network of subsidiaries
and certified retailers. As one of the few providers, eyevis is capable of offering entire systems from
one source. The complete solutions of eyevis include display solutions, graphic controllers, software
applications as well as all necessary accessories.
Press release
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