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Linked Learning Arts, Media, and Entertainment Pathway
California is home to the country’s largest entertainment industry, employing nearly 300,000 Californians across
the state.i This dynamic job sector requires skilled professionals with creative vision, sharp technical skills, and
management know-how. As technology continues to drive advances in film, graphic design, web development, and
other creative industries, artistic individuals with technology skills and management experience will be in highdemand from California’s top arts, media, and entertainment employers.
About Linked Learning
Linked Learning is a proven approach to education that combines college-focused academics, work-based learning,
and intensive student supports. By centering high school around industry themes, it makes learning relevant.
Students in Linked Learning have higher graduation and college-going rates compared with those in traditional
high schools. One reason is that Linked Learning answers the question “Why do I need to learn this?” and inspires
students to work harder, dream bigger and learn more by exposing them to previously unimagined career
Four Core Components of Linked Learning
Rigorous academics: Core subjects that prepare all students for college, including A-G coursework
required by California’s public universities and aligned to the common core state standards.
Career-based learning in the classroom: Professional skills and industry-related knowledge woven into
lessons and assignments to give students context for what they’re learning.
Work-based learning in real-world work places: A range of real-world experiences, from mentoring and
job shadowing to internships that expose students to possible career paths.
Intensive student supports: Dedicated support services tailored to the needs of students, such as
counseling and supplemental instruction, that help ensure students are successful in school and life.
Arts, Media, and Entertainment Pathway
The arts, media, and entertainment pathway one of the fifteen industry-themed pathways available to Linked
Learning students. Currently, 13 of the 40 certified pathways have an arts, media, and entertainment focus,
providing nearly 4,300 California students with the skills and experience they need to grow a successful career in
the arts, media and entertainment industries before they graduate high school.
In an arts, media, and entertainment pathway, students master fundamental academics — verbal, math, and
science skills — through the lens of the arts, media, and entertainment industry. Communications skills are
exercised through writing scripts, producing videos, and publicly presenting projects. Math skills are honed
through to developing business plans, budgets, and learning technical components of animation, lighting, and
graphic design. Group projects that span across different subjects and tackle real-world problems — often for real
clients solving real problems — help build students’ leadership, critical thinking, and teamwork skills.
One of the most valuable components of the arts, media, and
entertainment pathway is the firsthand interaction students experience
with the field. Internships, job shadows, and other workplace learning
opportunities allow students to apply what they learn in the classroom to
real work projects— reinforcing the connection between classroom and
career. Students are able to develop a professional support network and
gain invaluable experience working in a professional environment.
Technology will continuously shape and stretch what skill sets students will
need to tackle for career success, making firsthand exposure to cutting
edge work in the field and invaluable component of the arts, media, and
entertainment pathway.
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Your pathway’s courses
Internships students have held
Business or other local partnerships
Data about your school’s graduation, college acceptance,
and employment rates
Examples of Arts, Media,
and Entertainment
Pathway Careers
Graphic designer
Lighting technician
Production Manager
Sound Engineers
Radio or television
Publicity Director
Special Effects Coordinator
Stage Manager
Camera Operator
Publicity Director
Media and Design Arts
Make-up Artist
Costume Designer
Set Designer
Entertainments and Website
Get Involved
By becoming involved with Linked Learning, your organization has the chance to work directly with local students
and help train the next generation of California’s arts, media, and entertainment workforce. Becoming a Linked
Learning partner also gives your orgnaization the opportunity to become involved in the [CITY] community and
support [CITY] students in their academic and career pursuits. To learn more, please visit
and contact [NAME] at [SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION] on how to get involved.
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