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Village Books in Dulwich, London, will invite consumers in for a special shopping
experience on October 10, as it celebrates the final day of Books Are My Bag – a three day
festivity that marks the start of the Christmas season in bookshops across UK and Ireland.
The shop will be stocking some of this year’s anticipated
Christmas bestsellers from Thursday 8 October. On
Saturday, local busker Nigel Thomas, will play at the Big
Bookshop Party, bringing the shop to life to remind
shoppers that bookshops are lively and dynamic social
hubs. Nigel, a self-confessed bookaholic with a degree in
English Literature, is delighted to be playing in a bookshop
and has even written a song about a book, entitled 'Anne', a
dedication to Anne Frank.
Customers will also have a chance to purchase a limited
edition 2015 Books Are My Bag tote designed for adults by
Grayson Perry, and a children’s bag designed by award winning author and illustrator
Lauren Child.
There will be many in-store activities for shoppers, including a Books Are My Bag activity
pack designed by best-selling adult colouring in book illustrator Johanna Basford, and the
chance to share their favourite Desert Island Reads online with the hashtag
#desertislandreads, highlighting bookshops as good places to receive recommendations,
discuss books and meet new people.
Village Books, which has been run by Hazel Broadfoot and Julian Toland since 1996, has a
team with over a hundred years of bookselling experience between them and always have a
full events schedule.
The 2015 Books Are My Bag campaign which from Super Thursday on 8th October, and
culminates in Big Bookshop Parties on Saturday 10th October will continue to highlight the
vital role of high street and campus bookshops and will build on the success of the
promotion over the past two years, which created hundreds of thousands of walking adverts
for bookshops, through consumers sporting the iconic and collector’s edition bag.
For more information on events, visit
For media enquiries, please contact
Midas Public Relations: [email protected] / 020 7361 7860
Notes to Editor
About Books Are My Bag
BOOKS ARE MY BAG was launched to the bookselling and publishing industry in April 2013 at The
London Book Fair. Since then, it has recruited well over 100 high profile UK and Irish and international
authors, broadcasters, models, sports stars, actors, politicians, chefs, journalists and comedians – all
willing to lend their image to the campaign, to be photographed with the iconic canvas bag which has
been designed as the centrepiece for the movement. The BOOKS ARE MY BAG bag carries a simple
and powerful message allowing readers to display their love and support for local bookshops while
encouraging others to do so. Over a quarter of a million bags were distributed from 14th September
to Christmas at over 1,800 chain and independent bookshops from across the UK & Ireland.
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