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Regents Review #9: Weathering, Erosion, Deposition, & Landscapes
1. To weather something means to _____________________________________________
2. To erode something means to ______________________________________________
3. To deposit something means _______________________________________________
4. Frost action works best in a wet/dry and warm/cold/variable climate.
5. Chemical weathering works best in a wet/dry and warm/cold/variable climate.
6. Acid rain is caused by ____________________________________
7. According to the diagram below, the shale is the most/least resistant to erosion. (Hint:
don’t know which one is the shale? Use R.T. page 7)
8. If you dump mixed sediments into water, the largest/smallest, most/least dense, and
roundest/flattest particles will go to the bottom.
9. A particle will settle slowly if it is round/flat, has high/low density, and large/small.
10. Streams make _____ – shaped valleys, glaciers make _____ – shaped valleys.
11. Vegetation helps to hold soil in place/erode it.
12. The diagram below shows a ___________, which forms as a stream ________________
13. Running water:
Makes round/angular and smooth/rough particles and leaves sorted/unsorted deposits.
14. Glaciers:
Make round/angular and smooth/rough particles and leave sorted/unsorted deposits.
15. Kettle lakes form as ________________________________________________
16. A moraine is ______________________________________________________
17. Striations are _____________________________________________________
18. Label the following pictures as a moraine, drumlin, striations, or erratic. One choice will
be used twice.
19. The faster a stream flows, the larger/smaller the particle it can carry.
20. A stream moving at 60cm/sec can/cannot carry cobbles.
21. Sand particles are between _________ and _________ cm in diameter.
22. A stream will go faster if the slope increases/decreases, and if the discharge
23. The stream will flow fastest on the inside/outside of the meander.
24. This stream will flow fastest at letters (choose 2) B, C, D, E
25. This stream will flow slowest at letters (choose 2) B, C, D, E
26. Erosion is greatest at letters (choose 2) B, C, D, E
27. Deposition is greatest at letters (choose 2) B, C, D, E
28. At the mouth of the river, large/small/both sediments would be found. As the distance
from the mouth of the river increases, the size of the particles increases/decreases.
29. A stream that meanders flows straight/curves, is older/younger, and flows faster/slower.
30. If equal amounts of erosion and deposition happen, we have ______________________
31. Elmira NY is in the _________________________________________ landscape region.
32. Rounded landscapes form in humid/dry areas, angular ones form in humid/dry areas.
33. Mountains and plateaus both have high/low elevations, but mountains are often folded,
creating distorted/layered rocks, and plateaus are usually sedimentary rock so they have
distorted/layered rock.
34. Match the picture to the drainage pattern
Regents Review #9: Weathering, Erosion, Deposition, & Landscapes KEY
1. break it up.
2. move it.
3. to put it down.
4. wet and variable
5. wet and warm
6. air pollution.
7. least
8. largest, most, roundest
9. flat, low, small.
10. V, U
11. hold soil in place/erode it.
12. delta, enters a lake
13. Running water:
Makes round and smooth particles.
Leaves sorted deposits
14. Glaciers:
Makes angular and rough particles.
Leaves unsorted deposits
15. chunks of ice from a glacier melt.
16. a pile of sediment pushed in place by a glacier.
17. parallel scratches left by sediments trapped in ice.
1. Striations 2. Erratic 3. Moraine
4. Drumlin 5. Moraine
19. larger
20. cannot
21. 0.006 and 0.2
22. increases, increases
23. outside
24. B, D
25. C, E
26. B, D
27. C, E
28. Large, decreases.
29. curves, is older, slower.
30. dynamic equilibrium.
31. Alleghany Plateau
32. Humid, dry
33. high distorted rocks, layered rock.
34. A = 2 B = 1 C = 3
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