Honors Biology Final Exam Review June 2014

Honors Biology
Final Exam Review June 2014
You must bring your textbook to class on the day of your exam. If you do not have your textbook, you
must bring check for the payment of the book. The check should be made out to MTHS. You must
also bring two #2 pencils and some reading material if you finish early.
There are 100 multiple choice questions and an essay part which will be lab based. The following
references serves as a guide to help you prepare for this exam. You should review old tests, lab tests,
outlines, worksheets, notes and labs.
Textbook Chapters:
Chapter 8 Cellular Basis of Reproduction and Inheritance – Sections 1-7, 12-18, 19-22
Chapter 9 Patterns of Inheritance – Sections 1-5, 11-12, 14, 20-23
Chapter 10 Molecular Biology of the Gene – Sections 1-17
Chapter 12 DNA Technology & Genomics – Sections 1-3, 11-14
Chapter 23 Blood
Chapter 13 How Populations Evolve – Sections 1-6, 7-10
Time for Mitosis Lab
DNA Extraction
Paper Plasmid and Restriction Enzymes (DNA Scissors)
Gel Electrophoresis (DNA Goes to the Races)
DNA Profiling – Outbreak Lab
Human ABO Blood Typing
Congrats! You’re Having a Baby
Cane Toads DVD
Karyotype and Nondisjunction
Crossing Over Breaks Linkages – (rolling die lab)
Breeding Bunnies
Vocab (only the bare bones):
Cell Cycle – Interphase, G1, G2, Synthesis, Mitotic phase
Mitosis – prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase
Meiosis & Crossing Over; Linked genes
DNA Structure and Replication – nucleotide, purine/pyrimidine, leading and lagging strands,
antiparallel, Chargaff Rule, Double Helix, Watson/Crick
Viral Infection – lytic vs. lysogenic
Protein Synthesis – transcription and translation, exon/intron, ribosome
Patterns of Inheritance: Simple Dominance, Codominance, Polygenic Inheritance, Incomplete
Genotype, phenotype, genotypic ratio, phenotypic ratio
Chromosome, locus, gene, allele
Gene mutation: point and framshift
Chromosomal mutation – translocation, deletion, etc.
Monohybrid, Dihybrid, Sex-linked Genetic Cross
Population and Species
Evolution of a Population - Natural Selection, adaptation,
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