Storage in Campus Facilities

Storage in Campus Facilities
Residence Life Office  507-786-3011  [email protected]
Frequently Asked Question
Every summer we receive calls about what storage facilities are available in the area. A limited amount of
storage space is available on campus for students. St. Olaf does not accept responsibility for damages to
or loss of items in storage – store at your own risk. We are not able to guarantee storage space – it is on a
first-come, first serve basis.
An area in each residence hall is designated for storage of a limited number of trunks, luggage, and full,
secured boxes and totes. There is no fee for storing in the residence hall storage rooms. Each student
receives his/her own Storage Room Storage Card for recording the storage of his/her property. Each item
placed in storage must be recorded on the Storage Room Storage Card. The student must then date and
initial each item was stored. Each item to be stored must be labeled. All boxes and totes must be
completely closed and taped securely – luggage and trunks locked.
The following items may not be stored in storage rooms:
empty boxes mattresses
unsecured boxes
no college furniture
no personal furniture
St. Olaf has a separate and a limited amount of space for carpet and furniture storage in Ytterboe Hall in
All-Campus Storage. There is no storing of carpets or furniture in the individual hall storage. There is a
fee for storage of carpet and furniture (all proceeds go to the honor house service projects). Currently
the cost ranges from $5 to $20 per item.
Local Private Storage Facilities Off-Campus
Greenvale Mini Storage
28108 Foliage Avenue
Northside Self Storage
(north of the Case Dealership – gravel road)
Self Storage
Hwy 3 & Cty 1 (Dundas)
Dennison Self Storage
12980 Dennison Boulevard (Dennison)
651-895-3915 or
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