Jake Brehmer
ZOOL 484 Pyron
Assignment April 8 Assessment with Macroinvertebrates
1.) Species Richness:
Baetis tricaudatus 1x
Camelobaetidius warren 1x
Fallceon quilleri 1x
Brechmorhoga mendax 2x
Calineuria californica 1x
Ambrysus mormon 1x
Corydalus texanus 1x
Chimarra utahensis 1x
Hydropsyche californica 2x
Microcylloepus pusillus 1x
All others were not classified down to species.
2.) Number of EPT Taxa
Ephemeroptera 6x
Plecoptera 1x
Trichoptera 10x
3.) Abundance of EPT Taxa
6 of the 52 taxa in this habitat are Ephemeroptera
1 of the 52 taxa in this habitat are Plecoptera
10 of the 52 taxa in this habitat are Trichoptera
4.) List of Insects with Trophic Trait
-Baetis tricaudatus – Active swimmers, small hind wing, dive under water to lay eggs,
-Camelobaetidius warreni - claws with relatively few denticles; and a labrum with
relatively few setae in the dorsal, submarginal anterior line and relatively many
sublateral setae, aquatic
-Fallceon quilleri – lives in same habitat year round (non-migratory), aquatic,
occurrences are roughly equivalent to populations
-Brechmorhoga mendax – active daytime fliers, The abdomen is narrow with an
expanded tip, mostly seen over streams
-Calineuria californica - largest western species of the Perlidae family, They are generally
a late spring/early summer emerger, they crawl out of the water to perch on streamside
riparian foliage or rocks where they shed their nymphal shucks, they also mate in the
same locations
-Ambrysus mormon – usually found at the bottoms of ponds/streams, true aquatic
-Corydalus texanus - wing lengths of up to 85 millimetres, sexually dimorphic, males
having large mandibles used to grasp the females during mating while the females have
smaller jaws
-Chimarra utahensis – complete metamorphosis, Mated females deposit eggs on the
surface of lakes, ponds, or streams, or dive below the surface to cement them on
submerged rocks or plants
-Hydropsyche californica – three life history stages, complete metamorphosis, welldeveloped legs on the thorax
-Microcylloepus pusillus – very small, herbivore, larvae and adults live in streams
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