Interactive Key GUI Proposal for Shizhou.
Current interface:
Proposed new interface:
Interactive Key for [TASK_NAME]
Components in the new interface has direct correspondence to the components in the current interface, except for area 3:
Area 1 in New = taxa in Current
Area 2 in New = character s+ state s in Current
Area 3 in New = task name and species count info, provided by ETC
Area 4 in New = remaining taxa
The GUI rendering of the new areas is slightly different from the current one:
Area 1: provides a drop down list containing all taxa in a task (an ETC semantic markup task contains a set of taxa descriptions). Taxa at family or
higher rank have a 1-word name, while taxa at lower ranks have a multiple-word name. The calling function of interactive key generation
function should provide name and rank info.
Area 2: lists characters and its character states in a nature way (states are organized under characters). The matrix passed to the key generation
function holds needed info, either the key generation function or the calling function needs to parse the matrix to obtain the needed data
structure to render this layout.
Area 3: task info provided by the calling function
Area 4: Remaining taxa organized as a taxonomy. In the example the top-most taxa is Family, but we need to accommodate even higher ranks
for example class and order.