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26th IEEE Delhi Section Quarterly Meet
UIET, Panjab University, Chandigarh
IEEE-UIET student branch is a part of region R-10 SAC of IEEE society. The members form
a part of a global community that is dedicated to advancing technological innovation and
excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE UIET envisions a conducive environment in the
campus which provides a plethora of opportunities for students to evolve in knowledge as
well as to showcase their indigenous ideas.
Continuing in the same spirit and owing to
months of planning and weeks of fieldwork,
IEEE UIET Student Branch delivered on its
promise, and successfully conducted the 26th
Delhi Section Quarterly Meet on 22nd March,
2015 at the Mathematics Department
Auditorium, Panjab University.
As is customary, the event took off with an
auspicious inauguration and the lamp lightning
ceremony. This was then followed by a
welcome address by the Director of University
Institute of Engineering and Technology, Prof.
Renu Vij who is herself an integral part of the
IEEE Delhi Section. She was delighted to
address the young crowd and asked them to
contributions to the field of technology.
Chandigarh Sub-Section Secretary and UIET Branch Counsellor Dr. Y.P. Verma took the
stage later and inspired the student delegates with his ever encouraging words.
The first guest speaker, Dr. H.K. Sardana, a scientist at CSIO that is Central Scientific Institute
Organisation and a PhD from University of Nottingham, UK delivered an expert talk, wherein he
talked about: Engineering Infinitude, the actual existence of ZERO and INFINITY in today’s
world. His intriguing speech left the students in awe of the infinite possibilities that surround
us all.
Interrupting the stream of speeches and lectures, we put in an icebreaker wherein the
students were divided into groups and made to do a humorous and intriguing activity. As was
expected, the students got mixed up, were rejuvenated and eagerly awaited for the interesting
sessions that were to follow.
The second expert talk was delivered by Dr. Rohit Y Sharma from the department of Electrical
Engineering at IIT Ropar. He interacted with the students and made them aware about the benefits at our
disposal being an IEEE member. This session witnessed an extraordinary speaker audience
interaction. After setting the interaction wheel in motion and describing the minute insights of
IEEE, he also reviewed an attendee’s problem regarding the sustenance of the respective
student branch’s members. He successfully convinced people to renew their IEEE
membership for the subsequent years as well.
This talk was followed by lunch and another ice breaker which was well received by the
students and witnessed zealous participation.
Following the ice breaker, the energy pumped students listened to the amazing lecture by Dr
Manjit Kaur who has been a member of the Large Hadron Collider Project’s CMS Detector
team of world class scientists and physicists. With more than 300 papers published in
international journals to her credit, she heralded the third expert talk, hooking the students’
interests with the help of interactive audio/visual presentations. Presenting the concepts of the
Big Bang Theory as well as an in-depth insight into the workings of the 30km long
underground CERN lab, she succeeded in providing the students with lots of intriguing
Proceeding toward the end of the day, a young professional, Ms .Renu Bhardwaj conducted
an interactive Networking and Problem Solving session, which primarily focused on the
internal workings of an IEEE Student Branch. She counselled the students and provided
career advice and an amazing variety of information besides solving problems of students of
various student branches.
The event ended with a thank you note from the IEEE UIET Branch’s assiduous Chairperson,
Mr Bharat Thakur, who took to the stage to gracefully thank everybody for their help and
support in the successful conduction of the event.
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