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From Bough to Bottle: Sibberi Launches Cold Pressed Birch Tree Water Range
to Planet Organic and Ocado
Sibberi ( is an all-new natural food brand that’s shaking up
the burgeoning alternative water market with their natural, unsweetened
Birch water. Having launched with a 300ml glass bottle, the demand for
Sibberi sees the entrepreneurs launching to Planet Organic stores and
nationwide with Ocado. Added to their two new SKUs, the more accessible
and portable plastic bottles in 250ml, Sibberi’s reach is ever widening, proving
the market for this intriguing new alternative water. Containing only pure
birch sap, collected drop by drop fresh from mature silver birch trees, Sibberi
is an ideal choice for a revitalizing and cleansing pick-me-up.
With a thirst for unusual waters, Britons are lapping up the latest products:
coconut water sales have increased to £100m annually whilst maple water
and even cactus and artichoke waters steadily grow in popularity. With
endorsements from health professionals, top athletes and models, birch water
is tipped to be the next big success story as we increasingly buy into nutritious,
low calorie drinks directly extracted from plants and drunk as is.
With a motto of “nothing more, nothing less”, Sibberi bypass labs and
factories, instead they bottle water that comes straight from nature, from the
forest itself. Crucially, it remains unchanged, as nature intended, in terms of
taste and health benefits; delivering a delicious, rejuvenating and hydrating
drink No sugar or flavours will be added, nor will it be mixed with juices or
water – Sibberi are bringing consumers water direct from the tree.
Birch water has long been favoured across Nordic folk cultures as a spring
tonic to cleanse the body and soul after a long, harsh winter. Birch water
tastes a little sweet – from naturally occurring xylitol – and beautifully crisp,
with a delightful aftertaste of the forest. Drunk ice-cold, this light clear thirstquencher is wonderfully refreshing. A rare and prized ingredient, birch sap
can only be harvested during the first two weeks of April, when the nutrients
stored in the roots travel through the thawing tree to swell the buds to bloom.
Sibberi works with farmers to tap silver birch groves nestled deep in the wilds
of Eastern Europe, where the soil and weather is just right to produce the
delicious, naturally sweet, nutritionally-rich sap that goes into each bottle. Five
litres of sap is collected drop by drop from each mature birch tree, a mere 1%
of the total sap produced per tree, the tap is plugged so that Sibberi can
guarantee that no trees are damaged during the sap harvest.
A longstanding Scandi beauty secret, birch water has an ever-expanding list
of health and beauty benefits. However, birch water is mainly known to help
eliminate toxins from the body, giving a natural glow to the skin and shine to
the hair; it also helps eradicate uric acid that accumulates when dieting or
eating excess sugar.
Approximately 1 in 5 people have too high a level of uric acid in their blood,
this can result in a buildup of crystals in the joints, causing joint pain or even a
form of arthritis called gout (1 in 7 older men have gout in the UK). Too much
uric acid can also mean that the body will start eliminating the excess
through the skin’s pores resulting in cloudy complexion. Birch water is 10 times
more efficient than water at supporting the body’s elimination of the
acid. Replacing just one glass of fluid out of the 8 recommended daily
glasses with 250ml of birch water will help reduce uric acid levels, thus
brightening up skin tone and easing joint pain.
Sibberi contains a mere 5 calories per 100ml (four times less than coconut
water) and has a rich nutritional profile.
Sibberi’s on-hand nutritionist, Candice Van Eeden (DipCNM mBANT CNHC)
comments: "Birch Sap is a phototherapeutic clear water naturally filtered by
the Birch tree. Birch Water is an effective diuretic supporting the liver to
detoxify unwanted chemicals and the kidney to expel uric acid from the
body this is what gives Birch sap its anti-inflammatory property. Did you know
that a build up of uric acid in the body is toxic?! For instance, gout is a build
up of uric acid in the joints.
Cleansing Tip: Drink half a bottle of Sibberi at night and half in the morning to
support the liver and the kidneys to cleanse the body, the noticeable
difference will show on your skin. Clear and bright skin will come as a result of
eliminating toxins gently yet effectively.”
Joining Planet Organic and Ocado as key stockists are As Nature Intended,
Equinox Fitness Centers, Budgens, Revital, Partridges, Amazon and a raft of
independent food stores across London, Sibberi retails at £2.49 per 250ml
plastic bottle and £2.99 per 300ml glass bottle.
Note to Editors
The Story of Sibberi
Sibberi is a newly launched natural food brand dedicated to bringing
nutritious and delicious health foods to the UK market. Founded by three
friends with a passion for whole foods, Sibberi won one of six coveted places
from over 200 applications to Truestart’s ‘Collection’, a group of promising
start-ups receiving investment and business advice from some of London’s
top retail experts.
Inspired by tales of the health-giving properties of birch sap, Sibberi’s cofounders Clara Vaisse, Mehdi Meghzifene and Paul-Adrien Cormerais
embarked on a quest which lead them across Estonia and Latvia to find the
pure, unsweetened sap unavailable in UK stores. Clara comments “The
moment we tasted fresh birch sap, used by Latvian farmers to make birch sap
wine, we knew we wanted to share this precious ingredient with UK
consumers. As we travelled through the rural villages and wild forests of
Estonia and Latvia, tasting fresh spring birch sap, Sibberi was born.”
Sibberi’s co-founders met at University studying engineering (and skiing!) in
Grenoble, in the heart of the French Alps, where they bonded over their love
of fine foods and nature’s hidden gems. The founders are:
Clara Vaisse – Previously working in the fashion industry in Paris, Clara has
applied her skills to the marketing of her own health drink brand at Sibberi.
Since childhood, fitness guru Clara (she holds a black belt in Judo!) has
maintained a keen interest in healthy eating and natural medicine, believing
that the food we eat can help heal the body.
Mehdi Meghzifene – A self-confessed reformed banker, now dedicated to
tapping birch trees and bringing the precious sap back to the UK. Originally
from Algeria, Mehdi is also a black belt Judo champion with a strong interest
in healthy foods and their transformative effects on the body.
Paul-Adrien Cormerais – The foodie of the team, Paul-Adrien provides vital
input on the taste of the final products, as Sibberi’s chief sap sommelier.
Nutritional Information
15 calories per 300ml bottle
Rich nutritional profile, boasting high levels of electrolytes
Antioxidants (Flavonoids)
Vitamins B and C
Saponin – great for lowering cholesterol level
Xylitol – helps keep teeth healthy
 Ocado
 Planet Organic
 As Nature Intended
 Partridges
 Amazon
 Budgens
 Revital
 Earth
 Albion Counter
 Ben’s House
 Simply Fresh
 Eat 17
 Equinox Fitness Centres
A host of early adopter cafes, gyms, delis and health food shops across
London and the South East as well as international stockists in Switzerland,
France and Hong Kong
For more information, please visit
Find Sibberi on social media:
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Alex Godfrey: [email protected] // 07739 804 670