Dr. Sue Blair with students at a excavation site at the mouth of Birch

Dr. Sue Blair, Archaeology Grad Student Margaret Horne and some student and researcher collaborators from the University of Toronto have
been excavating a site at the mouth of Birch Cove near Saint Andrews, New Brunswick.
They are looking for various signs that this site might be a dwelling floor (Late Maritime Woodland floor)
"We have been working on the site at the mouth of Birch Cove, BgDs25, and have found what appears to be a Late Maritime Woodland living floor. We would love to be able to
determine if it is actually a dwelling floor, but so far we have found only small amounts of scattered charcoal and no hearth. We have found some lithics and faunal remains, and shell
and black soil in a comparatively thin (20cm to 35cm) layer over angular rock."
June/July 2015