January 11, 2016
Third Grade Biography Project
Dear Parents,
As part of Social Studies and Writing, the third grade will be completing a biography
project. This project will require the students to read a book and to conduct research about a
person of interest to them at home.
Before (and still continuing after) the Christmas break, students were/are being provided
with several opportunities to select and bring home to read a biography book from the school
library (and previously, from the book fair). In addition to the book, and with parental
permission and guidance, students may also conduct online research and/or visit their local
library to gather further information about the person whom they have selected for their
biography report.
Attached to this letter is the form which students are using to organize their researched
information; they have been researching this information in school, as well as at home, and
should bring the completed form back to school on Friday, January 15th. They will use this
information to create a brochure during computer class, as well as to deliver an oral presentation
to the class.
The culmination of this project will be for students to create (in class) a model of the
person whom they have selected for their biography (please see the reverse side of this paper for
To recap the information stated above, there are four parts to the entire biography project
Students will:
1) Select a person of interest, and then read a book(s), conduct research, and gather
information about that person (students are encouraged to gather information from
three different sources, and may use the “Biography Research Paper” form, attached
(and/or additional paper as needed), to record the information
2) Complete the attached form, and then use it to create a brochure (in computer class)
3) Use their created brochure to deliver an oral presentation to the class
4) Create a model (out of a two liter bottle) of their person of interest (in class)
5) Have fun while learning! 
If you have any question, please email me at mokon@saintannies.org. Many thanks for
all that you do!
Miss Okon
Biography Bottle Instructions
Due Date for Supplies: Wednesday, January 20, 2016
Dear Parents,
As students finish reading their biographies, they will be putting together the famous
“Biography Bottles” craft part of the project. This is the part of the project is where the students
create a model of the person they have selected for their biography.
The following is a list of what students will need for the bottle part of the project. Please
have your child come into school on Wednesday, January 20th with these items in a plastic bag
clearly labeled with your child’s name.
Students will need:
2 liter soda bottle that has been cleaned and partially filled with something to
weigh it down (such as sand, gravel, beans, stones, etc.)
4” Styrofoam ball for the head (4” works best)
*If your student wishes to pain the “head” a flesh color, please have him/her do so
in advance before bringing it into school.
Please provide your child with any other materials that you feel s/he will need to
complete the project (such as plastic eyes, yarn or something for the hair, material
for clothing, accessories, etc.)
Projects will be displayed during Open House on Sunday, January 31st, between 1:002:30 p.m., and will be taken home that week (to make transporting the completed bottles easier
for your child, please let him/her know if there is a particular day that week when s/he will be a
car rider, and s/he may take it home that day.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions, and most importantly, I hope your child
has a lot of fun learning while doing this project!
Miss Okon