Detailed Themes - Higher Education Commission

Proposals should be developed in perspective of Pakistan’s current and emerging challenges,
opportunities and future priorities. Unnecessary details must be avoided. Proposals matching
with past experience of principal investigator shall be preferred. Proposals can be developed
on any of the following themes/subthemes.
Security Challenges in Pakistan
1. Ethnicity, tolerance, Inter/intra-faith harmony and co-existence, promotion of ethical,
religious and moral values, social cohesion and political and economic integrations.
2. Conflict resolution, counter terrorism and extremism.
3. Impact analysis of refugees and IDPs
4. Internal and external problems and prospects
Pakistani Society: Tradition and Change
1. Documentation/preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage and Pakistan as a
cultural tourism destination.
2. Art and Design and media
3. Pakistani languages and literature
4. Ancient and modern history
5. Qur’an and society
Balancing Global and Local Needs: Geo-political Economy
1. Natural and human resources, coastal and cultural economy
2. Implications of globalization, WTO, and regional blocs on Pakistan, regional and
international trade, crises of capitalism
3. Energy crises in Pakistan
4. Alternative approaches and strategies for economic development and prosperity in
5. Environmental challenges, Natural and man-made disasters and mitigation strategies
6. Values, economic performance and wellbeing in existing and economic systems
7. Islamic economics and finance in Pakistan
Education Policy, Leadership and Management for the 21st Century
1. Higher education in Pakistan - problems and prospects in post 18th amendment
2. Promotion of character building through education
3. Comparative religions
4. Medium of instruction and second language learning
5. Distance/virtual education
6. Efficient utilization of advance technologies.
7. Alignment of education, training and curriculum with national needs.
8. Development of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities in Pakistan
Governance and Development
1. Institutional capacity building
2. Structural and procedural reforms in institutions
3. Social and legal justice
4. Corruption, security and development
5. Ethics of disagreement and conflict management
6. Gender Equality – social and legal challenges
7. Revisiting public policies and future strategies