1-Personal Data
Princess Rahma Teaching Hospital
Department of pediatrics
Irbid - Jordan
Date of Birth: 2/9/1957
Nationality: Jordanian
Medical school: Damascus University. Syria [1982]
Marital status: Married. Five children
11- Qualifications
*June, 1976: High school (Scientific Branch) Average (96%)
*August, 1982:
Doctor of Human Medicine Average (80%)
*Feb, 1984:
National exam for Medical practice Average 85% (Ranked IST)
*Dec, 1991:
Jordanian Board in Pediatrics
* Feb, 2001 Honor associate professor in pediatric (Jordan University in science
and Technology (JUST)
Pediatric Neurology Training (JUST)
Director of Princess Rahma Teaching Hospital /Irbid (MOH) since July 2008
Chairman of pediatric department princess Rahma hospital Irbid Jordan
(Ministry Of Health) from (2000—2008)
*Member of the Jordan Medical Association
*Member of Jordanian Pediatric Society
*Member of Jordanian national Committee of (IMCI) (Integrated Management of
childhood Illnesses Programme) (Ministry of Health).
*Member of Jordanian national committee of (control acute flaccid paralysis and
EPI). (MOH).
*Member of scientific committee in Jordanian pediatric society
*Member of the Editorial Board of the Pediatric Alert (1997-now)
*Vice president of Jordan Pediatric Society ((1997-1999)
Feb .1983 - Feb 1984: Rotating House Officer
(Princess Basma Teaching Hospital Irbid)
May. 1984 - July 1984: Primary Health Care course
(Al - Bashir Hospital, Amman)
July1984-Dec1987 General practitioner.(Al-Kreemah health center)
Oct 1987 - Dec 1991: Pediatric Resident
(Princess Basma Teaching Hospital).
Dec 1991 - April 1993: Pediatric Specialist (Jarrash Hospital, Maan Hospital)
April 1993 - Mach1999:
Pediatric specialist
(Princess Rahma Teaching Hospital).
Mar 1999-Mar 2001: Pediatric Neurology Training (Just University).
Mar 2001-Now
: Pediatric Neurologist.
(Princess Rahma Teaching Hospital).
Damascus University scholarship for the third best school examination, (1976-1982).
VII-Clinical and Teaching Experience:
Providing primary and secondary health care as an intern and later as a
pediatric Resident then specialist and Pediatric Neurologist in a very busy hospital
with 109 beds of which dealing with emergencies and routine admissions (1:3 Rota)
Tutor for Residents and post graduate and intern doctors on the department.
3Tutor for Medical students at (JUST) Jordan University of Science and
4Tutor for Paramedical students at Balka University.
5Co-advisor for 12 students for Master degree at JUST.
VIII-Post graduate Training
Pediatric Neurology Training (Jordan University of Science and Technology.
from.July1999 to July.2001
Special Training has been taken;
*Neonatology course at (Tenon hopital) Paris – France 1992.
*Infectious course at (Vincent du Paul hopital) Paris – France 1994
*Expanded programme of immunization with W.H.O
*Control of diarrheal diseases
with W.H.O
*Control of acute respiratory infection
with W.H.O
*ALCS&PALS provider December 2006
*Facilitator of child protection from abuse and neglect
*Facilitator of Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses
IX- Publications
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