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Creation Date: 13th August 2013
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Vehicle Washing On Campus
Operational Control Document
Discharges to Water
To provide instructions on where the washing of
vehicles can safely take place.
The University has numerous vehicles across many departments which may, or will,
be washed on a regular basis. The washing of vehicles on site, even with plain
water, will create a run off which contains oil, chemicals and particulate matter which
are pollutants. As a result vehicles must not be washed in the area of surface water
Surface Water Drains:
These are generally external to a building but can be internal where rainwater pipes
run inside. These drains capture rainwater off buildings, paths, roads and car parks
and generally feed into brooks, streams, rivers and lakes. They are for rain water
only and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES must any other liquid (or solid for that matter)
be disposed of down them. That means no oils, chemicals, food products or even
soapy water. It also means no water from the draining or flushing out of any systems
even if you believe the water to be uncontaminated. Many of the University’s surface
water drains lead to the brooks which adjoin the campus and therefore the
contamination of these drains will lead to the contamination of the brook and be
harmful to the environment. If an incident like this did occur both the University AND
any individual at fault would be at risk of prosecution under the Water Resources Act
Vehicle Washing:
There is one main area on the campus where vehicles can be safely washed and
this is a designated area in the Facilities Management Yard. This area runs off into
an interceptor which endeavours to intercept as much oil and debris as possible
before discharging the residual effluent to a foul drain. This area is primarily for the
use of Facilities Management vehicles but could, by special arrangement, be used
for other departmental vehicles. Alternatively departments should use approved car
wash services off site.
There is a secondary area on the Holywell Park site (in the Utilities Yard) but this is
only suitable for light use by FM Grounds vehicles based in that area.
Although there are interceptors in other areas of the campus these still discharge
into the surface water drainage system and therefore the only safe place for washing
vehicles is the designated area in the Facilities Management Yard.
If you have any queries regarding the safe washing of vehicles please do not
hesitate to contact the Environmental Manager.
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