0- Inconvenient Truth Guide

Inconvenient Truth Guide
1. Who is Al Gore? What is he known for?
2.. The atmosphere to the earth itself is like a globe and what?
3.Draw a picture that represents the greenhouse effect works.
4. What did Professor Roger Revelle discover? How did they collect data? 1957
5. Why does the graph go up and down, once each year, and not just up? Draw a picture and explain.
-- northern hemisphere's land masses
-- connection to plants & respiration
-- summer versus winter
6. What is evidence that global warming is happening?
- Kilimanjaro
- Glacier National Park
- Columbia Glacier, Alaska
- Italian Alps
- Switzerland
- South America, Peru
- Argentina
- Patagonia, Argentina
7. Why do we need glaciers? (Himilayas, Andes)
8. Why do people get big tubes of ice (called ice cores) and study them?
9. What do you notice about the thousand years of temperature and the thousand years of CO2 amounts
in the atmosphere?
10. What is the relationship between CO2 and temperature? Why is this so?
11. In thousands of years, CO2 never rose behind 300 pts per million. Where is it now? How did we do
12.What did the heat wave in Europe, 2003 do?
13. What's happening in the oceans in terms of temperature? What happens when the ocean gets
14. What other natural disasters occur with warming weather?
15. What are "drunken trees"?
16. How can collapsing permafrost impact humans?
17. What does the arctic ice cap act like? What is the "albedo flip"?
18. What happens to the cold, dense, salty water in the ocean conveyer?
19. If the ocean conveyer suddenly made the salty, dense, cold water less dense, what would happen
20. How did this effect Europe?
21. How does global warming impact birds, leaves & caterpillars?
22. What's happening to the trees? Beetles?
23. What happens to cities/mosquitoes? in Africa?
24.What are "vectors" for infectious diseases?
25.What's happening to coral reefs?
26.. What happened to the Larsen Ice B shelf? How big was this thing? How long did it take? How long did
they think it would last, even with global warming?
27. What would happen if half of Greenland were to melt? Florida, Netherlands, California, China (Bejing,
Shanghai), Calcutta in India, Manhattan/NYC? Where would those people go? What could this cause?
Think about resources!
28. Why is China's burning coal a serious problem?
29. How has population impact global warming?
30. Why are we cutting down the rainforests? (Haiti, Dominican Republic & Brazil)
31. Why could irrigation be bad?
32. How much have WE in the US contributed to global warming compared to other countries?
33. In terms of who is doing well in the world in car sales, who is? Why?
34. What is Kyoto? Who hasn't ratified it?