Structural Inspector (Days)

Structural Inspector (Days)
Role and responsibilities:
The Day time Structural Inspector will carry out inspections, and prepare factual reports, of
civil engineering structures & bridges and other works for Tube Lines assets. This shall be
done in accordance with a planned schedule of works and all information shall be reported
back to agreed timescales.
Direct staff: 0
Indirect staff: 0
Budget: £0
Indirect budget: £3M
Interfaces: Other TL and LU departments and TfL.
Key Accountabilities;
Work is to be carried out in accordance with Tube Lines and London Underground
quality and safety standards.
Accurately recording defects found on bridges and structures throughout the Jubilee,
Northern and Piccadilly Lines.
Liaise with other departments and outside parties for related information.
Responsible for the quality and accuracy of inspections and subsequent reports.
Prepare inspection reports, with recommendations for remedial works.
Work to programme and to cost.
Respond to incidents.
Responsibility for track safety and protection of others whilst on the track.
Making the safety of staff and passengers your first priority.
General Safety Responsibilities:
 The job holder must be committed to the Tube Lines General Safety and Environmental
Policy statement and the Company’s safety and environmental programmes and be
aware of their contribution to the programmes, including the requirement to monitor safety
and environmental performance and compliance with the systems established to assist in
maintaining high standards.
 The job holder must be familiar with the safety legislation that is relevant to this post and
comply with the necessary statutory requirements. These will include the Health & Safety
at Work Act, Fire Precautions Act 1971 and associated regulations.
 The job holder will undertake:
 To comply with all safety related rules, policies, Directives and procedures
authorised by senior management.
 To take reasonable care of oneself and of other people who may be affected by
one’s actions and omissions at work
 To co-operate with the management of Tube Lines, so far as is reasonable,
regarding compliance with any statutory provisions.
Not to interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health, safety and welfare
in pursuance of any relevant Statutory provisions and comply with that Legislation which is
specific to the post.
Required Skills and Experience:
A HND in engineering or equivalent is desirable.
Experience post qualification in civil engineering, both in construction and site
supervision, or appropriate if from a trades background.
Technician Membership of the Institute of Civil Engineers or a member of the Institute of
Clerk of Works (or willing to work towards).
Ability to work at heights and within confirmed space environment.
Experience in supervising staff and contractors.
Protection Master (EH and TH)
Site Person in Charge
Further Information:
As well as the appropriate technical knowledge and skills, you will be asked to demonstrate
the following key competencies if you are selected for interview:
Delivery Results
Providing Solutions
Working with Others
Please save your CV and covering letter as one document with the title as only
your Name e.g ‘John Smith’ or ‘Jane Doe’ and send to the email address
[email protected]
Please ensure that you quote the relevant job title and reference number.
Closing Date: 2nd October 2015
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