Name: Period:__________Date: Chapter 8 Sections 1 & 2 Study

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Chapter 8 Sections 1 & 2 Study Guide
Seedless Non-Vascular and Seedless Vascular Plants
1. List the 5 characteristics of plants.
2. Draw a plant cell- label the following organelles: Chloroplast, Cell Wall, Nucleus, Central Water Vacuole
3. List the 5 adaptations plants needed to develop to live on land.
4. Where do plants get their water and nutrients?
5. Why does water want to leave the plant?
6. What adaptation do plants have to retain water AND where is it located?
7. How are materials transported in nonvascular plants?
8. How are materials transported in vascular plants?
9. Which direction does water move in a plant?
10. Which direction does the sugar move?
11. What 2 things support plants against gravity outside of the water?
12. What type of reproduction do plants undergo?
13. The joining of an egg and sperm is called…
14. What is a zygote?
15. What type of plant lacks a well-developed system of tubes for transporting materials?
16. What type of plant has a well-developed system of transporting tubes?
17. What can you compare vascular tissue to?
18. What does vascular tissue allow plants to do?
19. What does vascular tissue provide for a plant?
20. What type of vascular tissue moves water?
21. What type of vascular tissue moves sugars?
22. You are trying to find a nonvascular plant in your backyard. What characteristics should you look for?
23. Why do scientists think that green algae is the ancestor of today’s plants?
24. How long ago do scientists believe that plants formed?
25. What technique do you think scientists used to find that approximate date?
26. During what stage does a plant produce tiny cells that grow into a new organism?
27. What are those cells called?
28. During what stage does the plant produce half cells (eggs and sperm)?
29. What do we call those sex cells?
30. What are the 3 types of nonvascular plants?
31. Which type of nonvascular plants has the most species?
32. Which type of nonvascular plants has the least amount of species?
33. What is the green fuzzy part of the moss called?
34. What is a rhizoid?
35. What grows out of the gametophyte generation?
36. What does a capsule contain?
37. Label the following on the moss plant:
a. Capsule, Stalk, Sporophyte, Gametophyte, Rhizoid, Stem like structure, Leaf like structure
38. How could you identify a liverwort?
39. Where are hornworts commonly found?
40. What are the 3 types of seedless vascular plants?
41. Why must vascular seedless plants live in moist environments?
42. Where does the stem of a fern grow?
43. Describe a frond
44. Where are spores on ferns located?
45. How could you identify a horsetail?
46. How is a club moss different from other moss?