W ELCOME Eagle Summit 2015

Eagle Summit 2015
First Year Steps
*General Education
*Math and Writing Requirements
*Meet with Your Academic
*Meet with Faculty
Unsolicited (But Very Good)
*Take Ownership
*Get Involved
*Find Resources
*Get Lost
*Coffee is not a Food Group
Beyond the First Year
*Declare a Major
* Leadership Roles
*Study Abroad
“Trying to be perfect may be sort of
inevitable for people like us, who are smart
and ambitious and interested in the world…
but nothing important, or meaningful or
beautiful or interesting or great ever came
out of limitations. The thing that is really
hard, and really amazing, is giving up on
being perfect and beginning the work of
becoming yourself.” – Anna Quindlen
2015-2016 Student Co-Director
Anthony Torres
Meet Some of the Faculty & Staff
•  Olivia Ivey, Assistant Librarian & Public Affairs Librarian
•  Rachel Lindsey, SPA Career Advisor
•  Nathan Williamson, Director of Undergraduate Advising
•  Briana Weadock, Senior Academic Counselor
•  Matthew Le Brasseur, Academic Counselor
•  Professor Chris Edelson, Director of PPL Scholars