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Sameh Fathi Al Alfy Al Alfy
Electrical Engineer Specialist in Power Engineering
Personal Data
Date of Birth
Marital Status
Military Service
: 83, Zone C, location number 7606
Mokatm, Cairo, Egypt
: 02 29207729 – 002 01000686600 – 002 01005508495
[email protected]
Bachelor Of Electrical Engineering from Benha High Institute of technology
 Graduation date : 2004
 Graduation Project: U. P. S Three Phase
 Project grade: Excellent
Assertive, Energetic, Imaginative, Hard Worker & Reliable, Ability to Work under Supervision or Self-supervision
and work exceptionally well both with business associates & customers
Computer Skills
Operating Systems
Programming Languages
Electrical Programs
Office Programs
Hard ware
Internet and Network
Dos, Windows (9X, ME, XP, Vista, 7)
Basic, V. Basic (Learning It)
Orcad, Matlab 6
Microsoft (Word, Excel ….etc)
Excellent in Maintenance
V. Good user
Special Skills
Arabic : Mother Tongue
English: V. Good Knowledge in Both Spoken & Written.
French: A Little Knowledge in It.
General Skills
 Good Knowledge of Power line carrier system & make digital communication to transfer the date via power line,
GSM, Ethernet.
 Good Knowledge of (PCB) Electronic Board manufacturing with surface mounting devices SMD&TH with the
American production line from UNEVERSAL CO.
 Good Knowledge of Quality assurance system and electronic board test with state of art test machines from
 Good Knowledge of generators , gearboxes and hydraulic systems
 Good Knowledge of Air-conditions
 Good Knowledge of configure and update the software for CCU and PLC (Siemens, phonex contact , ingeteam )
 Good Knowledge of using measurement tools (Multimeter , Calmpmeter , Phase Tester, Megger , All test ,
Training course
 Training course 8 hours in quality control &quality assurance Tests on ZERA equipment - GERMANY
According to IEC62052-11 &62053-21
 Training course 8 hours in the digital (AMR) system &remote Communication via electrical grids.
 Training course 4 hours in Electronic Board manufacturing with Surface mounting devices SMD&TH.
With the American production line from UNEVERSAL CO.
 Training course 120 hours in production line for electronic PCB, install project by GSM /GPRS to
transfer data by power line carrier by ADD TECHNOLGY company
 Training course 25 hours in
1. General Basic Concepts
Electrical components from a Wind park, Tools, Interpretation of electrical & hydraulic schemas And
Explanation of a control system.
2. Electric & mechanic components from G5x
General description, Hydraulic Group, Gearbox, Break Group, Other mechanical components,
Transformer, Generator, PLC Igeteam, Sensors and Power converter
3. Specific hazards in the wind turbine
Hazards related to falls from heights, Mechanical hazards, Electrical hazards, Fire hazards and Emergency
& evacuation
Training course 48 hours in Medium Voltage of distribution panels
1. Understand the basics of Electricity
Variables and units, Electrical definitions, Physical laws, Types of networks, Device functions and
Breaking techniques
2. Basics of MV Switchgear
Characteristics and Functions of the MV switchgear , Breaking Principle of the Electric Arc , Problems and
precautions of an electrical contact and Protection of persons and equipment in MV SWGR
The different types of sensors
Current Transformers, Residual current measurement, Non-magnetic current sensors and Voltage
transformers Residual voltage measurement
4. MV distribution networks
Voltage ranges and Switchgear functions and characteristics.
5. MV breaking techniques
Breaking in SF6 and breaking in Vacuum
6. MV equipment technology
Designing switchgear AIS and GIS Withdraw able fixed Modular
7. Knowledge and use of Schneider Electric equipment
Technology, use, settings, adaptation of auxiliaries, main operation instruction for the following Ranges:
RoNEX - 17.5kV and LF, and Evolis CBs, SM6-24kV, RM6-24kV, BIOSCO, Nu-Lec
8. Introduction to protection devices
Sepam Family (Series 20, 40, 80) and Sepam basic functions and its settings
9. MV/LV Transformer Protection
Medium Voltage protection, Fuse-type protection, Switch-fuse combination unit, Circuit breaker
protection, Discrimination, Devices to be protected: MV/LV, Transformers and Coordination of protection
10. Prevention and safety
Project Management Professional : Attendance course in PMP Project Management Professional with
total 36 hours in Becom Acadmy
Safety Training course
Course Safety Imparted by TESICNOR Company In Risk Prevention at Wind Farms .This course
1. Theoretical training
2. Generic risks in maintenance and assembling operations with wind turbines
3. Electric risk
4. Risks when working at height
Evacuation from the wind turbine and Risks assessment
5. Practical training
Use of personal protective equipments and Evacuation with an emergency descener
6. Training of elevator users: Cables leaded elevators, fixed guides leaded elevators:
Theoretical training, Operation, Norms of use, Emergency, evacuation system, Use of elevators and
Evacuation from the elevator
OSHA General Industry Safety and health (29 CFR 1910) – OSHA card #900085535
(OSHA)] in OSHA General Industry Safety and health (29 CFR 1910) – OSHA card #900085535
Training course 10 hours in first aid
Training course 5 hours in safe conduction
Training course 12 hours in Emergency Descent System to be trainer
1. Theoretical
General and particular hazards of the work in a wind farm, Personal Protection Equipment and its review ,
Equipment and Procedure of evacuation in an emergency case, Transmission of the information to potential
users of the wind turbines and the most common mistakes, Procedure of rescue in heights in vertical and in
ladder .
Use and maintenance of the PPE, Evacuation with the emergency system, Rescue in the descend, Rescue of
suspend person with a anti-fall system – ladder, Demonstration in a wind turbine how to install the pulley
“if there are these cases”:
No injured person and with one injured person
Trained in
Benha Higher Institute Of Technology (B.H.I.T)
Summer 2000
Sat Middle East Brothers For Medical Supplies
20 – 6 to 31 – 8 summer 2001
Alx. For Air Conditions Company
20 – 6 to 31 – 8 summer 2002
El-Solasya Group Company
20 – 6 to 31 – 8 summer 2003
Work Experience
R A Y A For Networks Company from February 2004 to August 2004
Job title: Network Engineer
Job duties: Responsible for construct and configure Deslams in centrals and connect ADSL to
the companies and Maintenance of PC’s (hardware and software)
Future Link For Network Company from August 2004 to January 2006
Job title: Network Engineer
Job duties: Responsible for design , build and maintenance of servers and control all the PC’s in
Gamma International Egypt from February 2006 to August 2006
Job title: Senior Technical office Engineer
Job duties: Install many projects for transfer the data via power (PLC over LV&M V network}
GAMESA Eolica (Spanish Company) from August 2006 to November 2007
Job title: Maintenance engineer in ZAFARANA 85MW Wind Farm
Job duties: Generator maintenance and schedule maintenance for it, Wind turbine trouble
shooting and field maintenance, Commission the wind turbine, Deal with all measurements tools,
Configure and update the software for CCU and PLC, Air-condition maintenance (electric and
mechanical) and Gearbox and Hydraulic group system maintenance
GES Global Energy Services (Spanish Company) from November 2007 until August 2008
Job title: Team leader (site manager) in ZAFARANA 85MW Wind Farm
Job duties: Responsible of (H&S in the site, all paper work, spare parts inventory, 4 kits of tools
technician’s vacations and site availability ). Managing and organizing 5 teams (10 technicians).
Managing and control technician’s cars (5 cars). Technical support for the technicians
GES Global Energy Services (Spanish Company) from August 2008 until now
Job title: Responsible maintenance activities in Egypt (project manager)
Job duties:
 Responsible for four wind farms ZAFARANA 80MW (96 Machines) , ZAFARANA
85MW (100 Machines), ZAFARANA JBIC 120MW (142 Machines) and
ZAFARANA Danida 120MW (142 Machines)
 Responsible for managing , control and organizing the company sub contractors
(Schneider , Khromeka, Swedy, Almaco , Petrotec, ….etc)
 Responsible for procurement of the company
 Responsible for solve all the company problems
 Responsible for Health &Safety
 Responsible for quality and environmental
 Supervision internally and client Audits
 Responsible for 4 team leaders (site managers) and 54 engineers
 Responsible for solve all the workers problems , vacations , cars (23 vehicle) , yearly
medical check , contracts ,….etc
 Responsible for communicate all the information from Egypt to Spain
 Responsible for making interviews to chose workers to the work
 Helping in HR work
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