5-Final Checklist

Final Check for “This I Believe”
Review this list for final revisions and/or edits. These aspects of writing will be
Did you write about you? One temptation is to write
about a concept instead of how that concept influences your life. For
example, I can talk about Spencer’s Coffee Shop all day, but it doesn’t mean
much unless I write about Spencer’s Coffee Shop’s impact on my life.
Did you name your belief? At some point in the essay,
you need to explicitly state your belief. It does not have to be formatted “I
believe in ___________.” However, your reader should know precisely what you
Did you meet/stay within the word
count? This paper should challenge your ability to practice concision.
Check your word count. Make sure it is between 500-600 words.
Did you use descriptive language? If you used
some kind of narrative, be sure that it is descriptive. “Then, I was sad” pales in
comparison to “My head bowed low with the sorrow of the moment.” Be
Did you find a belief? We chatted with several about the
perceived difficulty of “finding” a belief. While we know that you are 16 or 17,
you believe. You have meaningful people, memories, or concepts in your life.
We hope this paper gives you the opportunity to explore those beliefs in a
positive, reflective manner.
Total: 100 pts