5th & 6th Curriculum - St. Johns Lutheran Church

St. John’s Lutheran
Grades Five & Six Curriculum
The fifth and sixth graders learn about the new and old testament books. In October we study Martin Luther
and during the Advent season we learn more about Jesus’s life. Each day starts with devotion. The class
prepares and participates in chapel services and sing four times a year in church.
Mathematics education is differentiated; students are placed into grade-level math courses or accelerated math
courses. Students are re-evaluated throughout the year for proper math placement. Students in the accelerated
courses will receive Algebra in 8th grade and may move up to sophomore level mathematics in high school.
The students get an exposure to many different literature forms (i.e. non-fiction, narratives, historical fiction,
biography, fantasy, and science fiction). Students continue to work on their comprehension skills and have
opportunities to complete book reports and work in small groups. As a class we complete 2 novel studies a
year. Independent reading time is given each day.
The curriculum works on the parts of speech, writing, and various other aspects of writing. The students will
also learn to use the writing process to complete various types of compositions: narratives, tall tales, character
sketches, poetry, and research reports.
The students use a workbook to learn their words each week. The workbook breaks spelling lists down by
topics (i.e. compound words, verb & consonant patters, prefixes and suffixes, etc.) Spelling tests are given at
the end of the week.
The students learn about all aspects of science in the topics life science, earth science, and physical science.
The students learn through the Fusion series that has a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and
The students learn about map usage and then learn about the geography and history of the different countries.
The students learn to work in teams and as individuals with the different sports. The students learn the skills
leading up to the games in the different sports. In their participation they will learn about sportsmanship and the
different aspects of exercise.
The primary focus of technology class is to equip the student with the necessary skills to succeed in a
increasingly complex technological society. Students continue to learn about the Microsoft Office Suite.
Students also continue to develop touch typing skills. Additionally, students are taught about cyber safety as
they explore the Internet. Students also use the iPads in classes.
The students learn using the book “God Made Music” which touches on many aspects of music education and
the students also perform in two programs through the year.
STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics):
We are a STEM certified school through Project Lead the Way and the students get a number of STEM/project
based activities throughout the year.
The students are taught about color and many different techniques of art. They learn about different artists and
complete many projects through the year.