MCV Newsletter – October 2013

Managing Coastal Vulnerability (MCV) Newsletter
October 2013
(WALIS – LIS: a sub project of Regional & Urban scenario planning)
Project Manager Appointment
Project Methodology
At the end of July the Project manager for MCV
was appointed, Ralph Talbot-Smith.
The process that I will follow for this project is:
 Using existing listing of datasets, a project
plan for each will be created.
 Custodians will be contact to discuss each
dataset and to contribute to the project plans.
 The Project plans will detail the actions and
deliverables for each dataset. They will be
written in close consultation with the
custodians and will need their approval
before work commences.
 If new datasets are identified they will be
added to the list and the WMG will determine
the priority to be given to each new dataset
Ralph is officially a Landgate employee but will be
based in Fremantle in the Department of
Transport offices,1 Essex St, Fremantle under the
Guidance of Rodney Hoath, Director Coastal
Information. Ralph has been seconded from
Department of Transport for the term of the
Ralphs career has ranged from Royal Australian
Survey Corps (Army), Private Business, Water
Corporation, Dept. of Planning, BHP Engineering,
Dept. of Transport and experience including
Photogrammetry, Cartography, Land & Marine
Civil Engineering and Marine working groups on a
state and national basis. He looks forward to
being in contact with many of the Marine data
stakeholders/custodians over the coming months.
Transport Office coming online
We have established a Transport Project team
office. This is ready for our new MCV officers.
Recruitment of the 2 MCV project officers is
Stakeholder/Custodian meetings
Ralph has conducted a number fact finding
meetings with custodians that were identified 2
years ago by the WALIS Marine Group. The idea
behind these meetings is to establish the status of
the data held in the individual agencies. “What
are the issues?” “Is there still work needed to get
the data online?” “Can the project team assist
with “value adding” to the data?” These meetings
also allowed me to get a better understanding
about the data. How is it collected, updated, used
and maintained? These initial meetings are now
complete; there will be follow up meetings for
each dataset.
Proposed Internet System
After preliminary investigation, current thinking is
that Index’s & Metadata for the MCV datasets
would be put on AODN site. Data itself would be
placed on SLIP Future with both sites pointing to
one another. SLIP Future will not hold Metadata
in the immediate future.
Edition 1 October 2013
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Agency by Agency
Waterlines and Coastlines
Department of Minerals & Energy
5 datasets are already on the Web. Metadata
complete. 2 additional datasets have been
identified, being detailed geology and oblique
photography. Expanding these datasets has been
identified as an additional project.
After initial discussions with officers from
Planning, Landgate and Transport the use and
management of a coastline dataset was identified
as an issue. The official HWM, MSL, LWM and
LAT lines do not meet user requirements. I have
proposed a consultation group for waterlines be
established to document the issues and develop
Department of Water
Datasets already on SLIP. Indexes and Metadata
to be compiled for AODN.
Department of Fisheries
Data is already in suitable format or already on
SLIP. Data cleansing & improvement will be
largely in-house. 1 datasets require assistance.
Department of Transport
1 additional dataset, Coastal Sediment Cells
Finalising Project Plans for:
Coastline Movements
Coastal Infrastructure
Historic Tide & Wave data
Metadata compilation program (ANZMET-Lite)
requires further investigation to check suitability.
Department of Parks & Wildlife
1 Additional dataset identified. Considerable work
required for Marine habitat mapping. Skills &
solution being compiled. AODN indexing and
metadata pending
Department of Planning
A number of new datasets identified, mainly
reports. One dataset transfer to Transport,
Floreat data- mostly on web already. Some index
and metadata assistance required for AODN
Edition 1 October 2013
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Customer surveys regarding the use and format
of marine/coastal datasets is programmed to
begin at WALIS forum. Stand space established
for MCV information. Hardcopy surveys about
customer needs regarding MCV data available
also Web surveys will be sent after forum to
identified customers.
Private Industry Interest
Project manager has been approached regarding
private industry buy-in to MCV (predominantly
environmental) Discussions are underway and all
LIS management briefed.