June 2014 - Montessori Children`s Garden

Montessori Children’s Garden
Summer of Science
What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s a happenin’!
In Ms. Tina’s class they studied about spiders and
ecology for the last two weeks. In practical life they
were scooping and spooning spiders as well as playing
with plastic spiders and scorpions in a spider habitat.
They had a “how to catch a bug work”, kinetic sand,
and wrapping prey like a spider.
Sensorial: bug puzzles, shapes of webs, listening to
cricket sounds.
Art: spider head band, the itsy bitsy spider, and
wrapping yarn around popsicle sticks to make a web,
and web marble painting.
Math: Fly catching cards, I see spiders stamp book,
dice game using spiders
Science: all about spiders book to make, and life cycle
of the spider.
For the ecology portion the children are sorting
“garbage”, playing an eco-friendly game, making books
about the earth, and sorting pictures of plastic, glass,
paper, and metal. They were also “cleaning up” an
ocean by sorting objects that belong in the water and
things that do not.
In Ms. Emily’s (Ms. Cheryl’s) class they were studying
about beetles and the weather. (last two weeks)
Subject: Weathers, beetles, grasshoppers, crickets
Practical life: Clipping ladybug, bugs in sand
Language: Learning weather vocabulary
Science: life cycles of firefly, parts of a cricket, life
cycle of the ladybug, making their own thermometers,
making weather wheels, and what to wear for
different kinds of weather.
The children have been observing bugs outside by
trapping them.
Group time: The children studied about different
kinds of weather, in particular tornados, hurricanes,
floods, and blizzards.
The children learned how to identify clouds by a song.
Art: Making rainbow clouds, “cloudy” necklace
Ms. Cathy’s class (last two weeks)
Subject: water cycle, earthworm, mealworm
Practical Life: bubble blowing, “Dirt” play dough,
tweezing worms
Sensorial: bug sorting, puzzles, mystery bag
(identifying bugs by feel) Plastic, of course!
Math: raindrop counting, worm and beetle counting,
measuring play dough worms
Language: W words, describing mealworms and
earthworms (adjectives and verbs)
Science: Experiments, predictions, results. Do
mealworms like wet or dry? Do worms like dark or
light? Touching and observing mealworms and
Songs: Pitter, patter. Herman the Worm.
Evaporation song (tune of Today is Monday):
Evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and it
happens all over again. (Sing again)
Sam A., 5, is enjoying his summer. He told me that
queen ants lay eggs and then it turns into larva, then
pupa, then an ant, then it starts all over again. He
knows the life cycle! His favorite plants are pokey
prickly plants. He loves playing Power Rangers outside
and his favorite bug is the grasshopper. He likes
playing with Jack M.
Lila Z., 5, would like her summer to include going to
Disney. She has learned that ladybugs eat aphis and
that they fly and they live in leaves. Her favorite
thing to do outside is the monkey bars and her best
bug is the ladybug. She likes playing with Amara and
Ruby at school.
Fritz tells me he is one, two, three birthdays. He likes
playing with mommy and daddy outside in the summer.
He has learned that ants go under the ground. His
favorite thing to do outside is the little slide. He likes
ladybugs and ants. He likes playing with Jack J. at
Millie, 3, likes playing in water in the summer. She has
learned that bugs fly, fly around in the air. She claims
she makes a fire when it storms. Her favorite thing to
do outside is slide and play with fire. (I assure you, we
have no fire at school!) Her favorite bug is the fly.
Ben, 4, likes playing in the rain in the summer. He has
learned that ladybugs eat aphids and bugs, they live
on the ground. He’s also learned that thermometers
can tell us how hot or cold it is outside. His favorite
thing to do outside is the slide. He likes playing with
Eli and his favorite bug is the worm!
Duncan, 5, likes going to the park and playing outside
in the summer. Duncan shared that he had a tractor
at his house called Dumper. He likes playing with Ben
at school and his favorite bug is the ladybug.
Peyten wants everyone to know that she is five 1/2.
She has learned that ants have an ant queen. They
search for food for the ant queen and she is the boss
of everyone. She also knows that dirt grows from
flowers (her words) and that she has a flower at home
so it can cool down in the shade and it doesn’t even
die. She also has a mint plant at home and her mommy
only lets her water it. Her favorite bug is the bee.
She likes playing on the monkey bars with Lila B,
Morgan, Rowan, Reece, Emily, Jack, Caitlin, and last of
all Peyten.
Eva, 3, likes ladybugs that crawl around. She shared
that weather is cold and hots and that lightning and
raining make storms. Her favorite thing to do outside
is the monkey bars. Her favorite bug is the fire ant.
She plays with Ryan and Jack J. at school.
Ryan, 4, likes playing with Eli on the monkey bars. He
has learned that grasshopper don’t bite and that he
likes spiders. He said that his baby sometimes get
scared of storms but that he gets just a “yittle” bit
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